[FW Radar] Ogust digitizes personal assistance services

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2007 by Karim Abichat and Didier Humbert, Ogust is a software publisher. The start-up launched Ogust SelfService in October 2016. This e-commerce solution is intended for personal service companies to help them plan, sell and invoice their various services.

More details with Karim Abichat, CEO of Ogust.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

karim-abichatKarim Abichat, CEO of Ogust: Ogust launched Ogust SelfService, an e-commerce solution dedicated to personal service companies. Until now, no company in this sector offered online sales because it was expensive and complex to set up an online service sales site. Ogust SelfService is a cloud-based software that allows companies of all sizes to create their online store in just a few clicks, which becomes an extension of their own website and allows them to plan, sell and invoice all their services.

What’s your value proposition?

The installation of our service is free for personal service companies who pay us a commission (4% + 0.40 euros) only during transactions.

Thanks to their online store, companies can now offer their customers, end users of services, to browse the site, select the service they want (cleaning, childcare, tutoring, etc.), book it and pay online, as with any e-commerce purchase.

Who are the users of your solution?

We address 34,900 companies or associations of personal services, which are mainly SMEs and very small businesses. Developing an e-commerce solution is generally out of reach for these structures, technically and financially. We respond simply and efficiently, at an affordable price, to the need of these companies to improve the customer experience by offering their services online. The payment solution is integrated and companies also benefit from a back office management to manage requests, customers and stakeholders.

Who are your competitors?

E-commerce in services is emerging. Our competitors are mainly platforms, such as the German Helpling, which connect users of personal services and self-employed people. We have chosen not to operate the services, but only to equip the personal services professionals. In the medium term, we also anticipate the arrival of GAFA in the personal services sector.

We are on the side of existing personal service companies. We give them the digital tools to sell online, enrich the experience of their customers and, thus, resist the rise of new entrants.

What is your development plan?

We launched our solution at the end of 2016 in Quebec for local personal service companies with the objective of gradually deploying the solution in Europe but also in North America. The next step will be the creation of Ogust Marketplace, a white label marketplace for concierge services and business networks, still in the personal services sector.

What are your challenges?

One of the main challenges for Ogust is to make human services companies aware of the risk they run if they do not sell online. The digital transition is now imperative. Indeed, platforms with significant financial and technological resources, created on the Uber model in transport, are already competing with them by offering an enriched customer experience. SMEs and VSEs in the personal services sector must be aware of this.

Founders: Karim Abichat and Didier Humbert

Creation date : 2007

Fundraising : One million euros from the Newfund investment fund

Seat : Montreuil

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