[FW Radar] Night4Us wants to revolutionize the way of consuming music

by bold-lichterman

Created by Achille Boccara, Hugo Laplace-Builhe, Alexandre Leboeuf and Victor Yan, Night4Us is an application that references all concerts near you. It is also possible to listen to the various titles of the artist and to reserve a concert place in the same space.

More details with Achille Boccara, CEO of Night4Us.

FrenchWeb: What problem does Night4Us solve?

Achille BoccaraAchille Boccara, CEO of Night4Us: At Night4Us: We started from the following observation: we have all been to a concert, a festival or a musical evening. We went to a first platform to find an event and the artists present (like Facebook, Resident Advisor, TimeOut…), on a second platform to listen to the artists (Soundcloud, Deezer, Spotify…) and finally on a third platform to buy our ticket (Fnac Spectacles, Digitick, etc…). It’s long, fragmented, and the user experience can be drastically improved! We centralize everything to save considerable time for all “night owls”.

What’s your value proposition?

Imagine an application that allows you, from anywhere in the world, to say what types of music you want to listen to, to see all the artists performing live around you, tonight, tomorrow and the following days, to discover them in music thanks to an integrated player and buy your tickets at the best price thanks to a comparator. All this is Night4Us and it is already available on iOS & Android in France for the moment. In two figures, we are more than 12,000 artists highlighted on a base of more than 7,500 events grouped together from the largest referencing and ticketing platforms (Fnac Spectacles, Digitick, Facebook). And that’s only the beginning!

Who are the users of your solutions?

Music and live performances are consumed by a large number of people around the world and we all want to bring them all together around our tool, particularly the 16-35 year olds who are our core target. 16-35 year olds are digital addicts and also smartphone addicts who like to save time and access all information immediately. Daily streaming consumers looking for new music and musical discoveries, they benefit from a complete all-in-one solution. We reference parties, concerts and festivals from multiple platforms which allows us to offer a diverse panel of artists and attract an eclectic audience looking for a musical release!

Who are your competitors?

Although there are several applications for referencing cultural events such as Wingit or Dojo, few of them are specifically dedicated to the music market (parties, concerts, festivals). Among our competitors we can cite Bandsintown, the largest player in the field of SEO applications. But the observation is simple, today when someone goes to a musical event it is to listen to an artist, and to discover an artist, nothing better than streaming. This is why we made the bet that the discovery had to go through a player.

What is your development plan?

After several months of tests, in particular thanks to the by SFR workshop, we launched the application in early March on the stores. We are currently preparing a Web-app as well as a BtoB platform in order to integrate entertainment professionals with our users and to consolidate our business model. We are targeting 50,000 users for the summer of 2017 while preparing for a launch in London, Berlin and Barcelona for the end of the year.

What are your challenges?

Our application is the meeting of streaming and online ticketing which are the two pillars of the music industry with respectively 45% and 20% growth per year. It thus appears obvious that the way towards the live passes today by these two universes. One figure perfectly illustrates this trend: one in two Americans has already bought concert tickets after discovering an artist on a streaming platform. This convergence between ticketing and streaming, which is the heart of our business, will give us access to particularly qualified data allowing us to further develop our offer.

To develop ourselves and be the leaders, we are looking for 500,000 euros in the coming months which will allow us to expand the team and consolidate our Go-to-Market.

We are going to recruit around ten people in the coming months to strengthen the team on a technical and commercial level.

Founders: Achille Boccara, Hugo Laplace-Builhe, Alexandre Leboeuf and Victor Yan

Creation date : Aug 12 2015

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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