[FW Radar] MyTripCar, the car rental comparator

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2015 by Fernando Almenara, Julia Martínez and Alberto Verdoy, MyTripCar allows you to compare the prices of different car rental services.

More details with Brunys Boucherf, Country Manager of MyTripCar.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Brunys-BoucherfBrunys Boucherf, Country Manager of MyTripCar: MyTripCar responds above all to a need for transparency, because nowadays a marketing war is raging between the various market players: all are fighting to display ever lower call prices and provoke impulse buying. However, you may suspect that behind these so-called “call” prices are sometimes hidden many additional costs and fees (despite decrees in force) …

Thus MyTripCar is a start-up that was born with the objective of offering a car rental comparison service with no hidden costs or bad surprises on the final price. The goal is to inform the customer of the additional costs incurred when signing the contract but also to allow him to find the best price with ease.

What is your value proposition?

We first offer a reliable, honest and transparent car rental comparison service with the obsession to communicate the best possible information so that the customer experience is the most complete: from online booking until the vehicle is collected from an agency where the adventure can begin!

And all with the help of an army of analysts who are constantly reviewing and updating the terms and conditions (which we all love to read) of every car rental company around the world, witness to knowledge and expertise of the market in which MyTripCar operates.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We have more than 40,000 users to date, 40,000 people around the world trust us and we want to say thank you! We are proud to support and advise as many individuals as professionals by providing a powerful comparison tool to those who choose to find the best price with confidence.

I also think people choose our platform for its ease of use and the clarity of the information we make available.

In short, our customers can be any person (with legal driving age, probationary licenses subject to agency conditions) whether for a family trip, a business trip or a weekend with friends in more than 40 countries around the world for more than 3,500 destinations.

What is your development plan?

We are continuing our development with a dynamic construction of our teams to offer a catalog of destinations and service providers ever wider, complete and of quality.

Indeed, the year 2017 is rich in opportunities, we have recruited new specialist Low Cost providers in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, England, Germany… We recently opened more than 3000 new European destinations in order to offer more possibilities and to explore new territories.

What are your challenges?

Our ambition is to become a benchmark comparator at the global level but above all to strengthen our European presence. This implies going out and finding all possible users and adapting as best as possible to each market.

In addition, basically, we are convinced that a model other than “google dependence” remains to be invented and future major players are to be encouraged.
However, there are still areas for improvement, such as an interface that is even simpler and more pleasant to use.

Who are your competitors?

E-tourism experiences a sustained and very complex competitive environment. We work with rental companies who are despite us our front-line competitors through their website and direct sales. But our direct competitors are naturally other car rental comparators, however numerous they may be around the world.

Transparency on the overall price is what differentiates us from the rest of the different protagonists in the market. This transparency is the ferment that inspires confidence in our service. We also offer a series of analyzes to better inform our users about the practices and the differences that can be found between certain destinations …

Founders: Fernando Almenara, Julia Martínez and Alberto Verdoy

Creation date : 2015

Fundraising : 1.5 million euros

Seat : Alicante