[FW Radar] Metidia wants to revolutionize the customer journey with games

by bold-lichterman

Founded by Fanny Garret and Oswald Bernard, Metidia is a game publisher. These are made available to brands to create and energize the link with their customers.

More details with Fanny Garret, co-founder and COO of Metidia.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

fanny-garretFanny Garret, co-founder and COO of Metidia: Digitization is becoming a fundamental issue for companies and the community aspect is at the heart of their marketing strategy. Gamification is growing and has repercussions on the different channels of a brand.

Today, companies are aware of this and need to be supported.

Increasing sales without sacrificing margin, gaining a sustainable competitive advantage, boosting all channels, increasing the frequency of visits and purchases, better profiling customers are all issues that can be addressed through games.

For us, the game must above all tell a story. It is the use of games as the basis of this storytelling that will help our clients to remain present in the life of their audience on a daily basis. The game is going to be the conductor of the customer journey and a cross-channel strategy.

What’s your value proposition?

Our offer ranges from web social games like Vinoga to democratize universes considered complex (wine, health, garden center, banking, etc.), to physical and web point-of-sale animation games (GSA, shopping centers and other brands ).

Users do not just follow the adventures of a brand but live a strong experience alongside it. Thanks to the games developed by Metidia, the brand unites its community through recurring and increasingly participatory meetings. Challenge mechanics are mainly used to challenge users, and this is where our company differentiates itself. The brand also benefits from direct in-store repercussions and boosts its sales thanks to this strategy.

The game also allows you to create a ultra personalized course. Emotions drive consumer choices. The script and the soul of the game create this emotion. Which increases the attachment to a brand. He is ready to engage and participate in a community.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users of our games are above all people who wish to live an experience while shopping and discovering a brand, collection, or product.

We are inspired by successful games (Pokémon Go, Monopoly, 2048, Candy Crush, Hay Day, etc.) to allow brands to effectively reach the target of their choice.

Let’s go back to our example of Vinoga. Vinoga is a Facebook game that sells wine. You inherit a winery, produce your wine, learn about grape varieties and winemaking methods, and sell your production to your friends. Today there are 90,000 players aged 25 to 55, male 45% female 55%.

Who are your competitors?

Our main competitors are SaaS marketing game solutions, which develop games similar to contests.

We rely on very social features to create engaging and fun games. We also rely on technologies such as the Blippar company which does augmented advertising. We create games of it.

What is your development plan?

Here is our development plan:

  • Create a game solution that can be personalized directly by companies, by integrating our R&D work carried out in recent years and recent work (indoor geolocation, augmented reality, etc.)

  • Accelerate our commercial development, by continuing to pay particular attention to our current customers to constantly improve the performance of our games.

What are your challenges?

We want to strengthen our scalability by developing innovative solutions. We wish to materialize our various meetings so that beautiful projects, already on paper, see the light of day. In particular, we are strengthening our range of games dedicated to Retail to participate in the creation of the business of tomorrow.

Our team is very responsive and today we are looking for motivated project managers, with the desire to innovate and meet the needs of our customers and our international team.

Founders: Fanny Garret and Oswald Bernard

Creation date : 2012

Fundraising : 425,000 euros via equity crowdfunding and private investors

Seat : Paris

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