[FW Radar] Menu Du Jour, the application to receive the menu of your favorite restaurants

by bold-lichterman

The 5 founding partners are Vincent VEYRAT-MASSON and Laurent GOUSSARD, who worked together in the internet, the originators of the idea. Vincent then proposed to Jérémie TOLLIN, a long-time friend, to join them to create the structure. Florian MORELLO and Sophie MOLLARD, who also worked around Vincent and Laurent, joined the team.

Menu of the day allows you to consult all the Daily Menus of your favorite restaurants in an application, by email or SMS of your choice.

More details with Jérémie TOLLIN, co-founder of Menu of the day:

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Like many people working in offices, shops or traveling, we like to have lunch, once or several times a week, in restaurants. And, like them, we are used to going in our 4 or 5 favorites. And every time we wanted to know their Menu Du Jour it was a hassle: we had to get the info on Facebook pages, WEB sites, in emails or even have to call them. This is where the idea of ​​creating a solution to centralize them in one place was born.

What is your value proposition?

On the user side, access at a glance all the Menus Du Jour of his favorite restaurants but also those around him or a chosen city, which can allow him to find or discover it not on the basis of opinions, more or less real, but thanks to the offer of the day that is offered. On the restaurant side, being able to communicate directly with his usual customers to build loyalty or with people who do not yet know him to boost his business. The tool is also very well suited for a restaurant launch in order to be able to make it known at low cost on an already existing ultra targeted network.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The majority of our users are men and women, equally, who appreciate the fact that they can very easily choose what they will be able to enjoy for their lunch. They are also eager to discover new addresses, enticed by the menus they publish. They use the application to organize their lunch thanks to the sharing function, with their friends or colleagues, of the menu they have chosen. Then they directly call the establishment they have added to their favorites, to reserve, without leaving the application.

What is your development plan?

Restaurant owners can already distribute their Menus Du Jour, embellished with photos and even have them automatically replicated on their Facebook page and usage statistics, all free of charge and unlimited. They can then choose formulas to benefit from a multitude of additional loyalty or boosting tools such as voice entry of menus by telephone, graphic personalization of menu presentations, printing thereof in Pdf format for display in their establishment or put in their menu holders, very comprehensive business statistics, the creation and distribution of special offers directly in the solution, the possibility of highlighting their menus, etc.

Launched in Annecy, we have already developed in Aix-les-Bains, Chambéry, Grenoble and Lyon since the beginning of May 2018. At the same time, many restaurants all over France have registered and are publishing their menus. We are aiming for a comfortable national presence at the end of the year and a start of internationalization next year.

FW Radar Menu Du Jour the application to receive the

What are your challenges?

All establishments offering a daily or weekly offer are concerned. Whether it’s a dish, a menu, a formula or even a suggestion. For those wishing to go further than the basic free offer, we have set up very affordable paid plans, from € 29 excl.tax per month, without subscription, allowing them to benefit from all the tools listed above and from a quality of communication worthy of the best agencies.

Marketing has barely started, but once cruising speed has been reached we are aiming for € 500,000 in sales for the first year. We are 5 complementary and active associates and are already lucky to have most of the skills we need internally at the moment but we like to have freelancers work around us when we have external needs.

Who are your competitors?

Strictly speaking, we have no direct competitors, we have not found a national solution specializing in the distribution of Menus Du Jours. A few have tried at local scales but have not developed.

You should know that our case is special, we are the only ones to ask restaurant owners for daily or weekly action: entering their menus. We are 2 years ahead in development and listening to them around this issue, which is why we have an extremely optimized tool that suits them, allowing them to do it in less than a minute.

Who is the entrepreneur who inspires you?

All those who understand the increasingly rapid evolution of society and adapt their business to it while keeping values, people like Elon Musk for example.

The 5 applications that are essential for you and why:

Slack to communicate with colleagues, WhatsApp to communicate with friends, Shazam to know the title of a music you hear, Tachetkoa to do your shopping, and MDJ’s Menu Du Jour to eat well of course

The 5 tech events you absolutely must attend and why:

We are fortunate to be based at Papeteries Image Factory in Annecy which brings together a multitude of companies in the creative industries and the place is managed by Citia, which also organizes the festival and the animated film market. Thanks to this ecosystem, we are constantly invited to participate in a host of local and non-local events: Creative Mornings, Meetings Facing the Expert, Startup Café, Digital Summit, Imaginove and French Tech In The Alps events.

A start-up for us to discover?

Our friends at Coworkees, a great platform for connecting and managing the activity of freelancers and freelancers with companies.

Key data:

  • Founders: Vincent VEYRAT-MASSON, Laurent GOUSSARD, Jérémie TOLLIN, Florian MORELLO and Sophie MOLLARD
  • Creation date : The company was registered at the end of June 2016, the development of the back office and the application lasted until the end of that year, then the application was launched on the stores in early 2017.
  • Fundraising : We refused very high fundraising proposals because we first wanted to develop without diluting the capital. We therefore started with much less funding, of € 500,000, which was provided to us by the local support structure Initiative Grand Annecy and a banking pool made up of Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Crédit Coopératif.
  • Seat : Annecy