[FW Radar] Matlo improves business decision-making thanks to dataviz

by bold-lichterman

Founded in May 2016 by Thomas Busson and Thomas Dupeyrat, Matlo is data analysis software. It allows you to view data and share it with the greatest number of employees. The tool is available for 75 euros per month and per user, but it is possible to customize its features.

More details with Thomas Busson, president and co-founder of Matlo.

FrenchWeb: What problem does Matlo solve?

thomas-bussonThomas Busson, president and co-founder of Matlo: Matlo is a platform that allows all non-data professionals to create their own data analysis dashboards. The recent transfer of data analysis missions from IT departments to business departments has given rise to new needs: autonomy, simplicity and collaboration. With our cloud software, we allow all businesses to analyze their data themselves from data visualization to make decisions more quickly and promote communication within the company.

What’s your value proposition?

Our role is to simplify the uses related to business intelligence (BI) technologies and to democratize Big Data and analytics functions in companies. To do this, we are positioning ourselves in the data discovery market, now seen as the new generation of BI solutions. The science of data discovery, on which Matlo is based, offers graphical and dynamic tools to allow users without technical skills to quickly explore their data in an interactive way. Through graphical representation of data, we bring simplicity value to data to ensure that our customers, even new to data, can quickly understand their data to take action. More broadly, we support our clients in their digital transition process by making data a strategic lever for exchange and performance at all levels of the company.

Who are the users of your solution?

Rather than targeting sectors of activity, we first address the professions of mid-size companies and large accounts such as marketing, sales, general management, HR, CFO, innovation or studies, and more generally to all those who need to extract quality information from their data. The professions we meet are looking for tools that are easy to learn and have a strong need for support in their data approach. Beyond the Matlo software, we therefore work in co-construction with our customers. The methodology we put in place, resulting from the design, allows our clients to ask the right questions upstream of a project to then be more relevant and faster in their analysis work.

Who are your competitors?

The data discovery market is highly concentrated with many North American software vendors. The number of companies in France that engage in visual data analysis is still small. On our targets, we can cite Tableau, TIBCO, Qlik or Toucan Toco.

What sets you apart from them?

We come from the world of design and therefore offer an empathetic approach to data to set up a data analysis project. We don’t just sell intuitive and graphically clean cloud software, we offer a global offer with training and advice so as not to abandon our customers in the face of their data and thus support each of the business departments in their digital transition.

What is your development plan?

After three years of data design services, we carried out around thirty interviews in June 2015 with major accounts, consulting, marketing, monitoring and institutions agencies to develop the first specifications for the software. ‘data analysis. From September 2015 to May 2016, we developed the Alpha version of the Matlo software using our own funds. From May to September 2016, we had this first version tested by major accounts to improve the tool. From October 2016, we released Matlo in Beta version. And finally, on January 24, 2017, we officially launched Matlo cloud in its first version. In our test and learn approach, we regularly carry out user tests to ensure that the software constantly meets the real needs of our customers.

And now, what are your challenges?

Our 2017 ambition is to become one of the major references in France on data analysis issues before preparing for our internationalization. From a commercial point of view, our objective is to reach 400 subscriptions sold by September 2017. To reach this objective, we can already count on:

  • The 100 key account clients, agencies and institutions that we advised until 2015,

  • The 100 Matlo Beta testers arrived spontaneously from October to December 2016,

  • The 150 users already active as of January 31, 2017.

Founders: Thomas Busson and Thomas Dupeyrat

Creation date : May 2016

Fundraising : 500,000 euros at the start of 2017 from private investors

Seat : Nantes

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