[FW Radar] Managing your farm wants to give grain producers visibility on prices

by bold-lichterman

On the occasion of the Salon de l’Agriculture which takes place from February 25 to March 5, 2017 in Paris, FrenchWeb presents every day a start-up that is revolutionizing the agricultural world.

Manage your farm is a marketplace dedicated to the agricultural world launched at the end of 2015 by Roland Zimmermann, Sylvain Jessionesse and Xavier Faure. Thanks to an algorithm, the platform advises and informs farmers about fluctuations in grain prices.

More details with Roland Zimmermann, co-founder and CEO of Piloter sa ferme.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

roland-zimmermannRoland Zimmermann, co-founder and CEO of Piloter sa ferme: Farmers are now subject to fluctuations in their selling price, due to the globalization of agricultural commodity markets. This volatility is the number one economic risk on their business. Drowned in a wealth of information on the state of global supply and demand, issues of parity, international agricultural geopolitics, and faced with highly financialized markets, farmers must make complex decisions that integrate the market but also operation, while keeping their cool in the face of continuous price fluctuations. Like start-ups in FinTech, we have developed a unique and innovative approach based on proprietary algorithms to create the first agricultural adviser robot dedicated to price risk management.

What’s your value proposition?

We provide our subscribers with performance and efficiency in their decision-making:

  • Personalized decision support that integrates the market, their operation and their personality,

  • Securing their turnover,

  • Decision-making without emotions,

  • And a lot of time savings (the time dedicated to marketing management goes from an hour a day to less than 5 minutes a week).

We train farmers in risk management with the first digital market simulator.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users of our solutions are above all grain sellers of grains and oilseeds. They are also food-consuming breeders. They are looking for simple and reliable decision support that will allow them to know when and how much to sell if they are producers. They are looking for a decision aid capable of integrating parameters specific to the operation and to the personality of the entrepreneur.

Our users also seek to acquire the method to be more efficient in their decision-making.

Who are your competitors?

Today we have no competitors. 100% of our subscribers tell us that we are 100% different from what exists.

What is your development plan?

Here is our development plan:

on the product / service level: we are working with a big data partner to consolidate our algorithms and we are considering developing online training modules to help farmers acquire new working methods.

business growth: we recruit local correspondents, often farmers, who believe in us and who are close to our subscribers to create links and a real community of users.

internationalization: Our objective is to develop in Europe from the end of 2017 and in 2018 outside the European Union.

What are your challenges?

Here are our challenges:

market: France has 150,000 professional farms subject to price fluctuations, all farmers in the main production areas are also confronted with this problem.

business: develop to finance our R&D.

financial: continue to finance our commercial growth and R&D which absorbs a significant portion of our resources.

HR: find gray matter in the field of data, commerce and training.

Founders: Roland Zimmermann, Sylvain Jessionesse and Xavier Faure

Creation date : end of 2015

Fundraising : any

Seat : Burgundy

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