[FW Radar] Maela, hospital surveillance at home

by bold-lichterman

Maela was founded in December 2014 by Hubert Viot, Fabrice Hardouin and Benoit Gignoux. The start-up is developing a solution for medical monitoring at home after hospitalization. Doctors and nurses are available 24 hours a day.

More details with Hubert Viot, CEO and co-founder of Maela.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

hubert-viotHubert Viot, CEO and co-founder of Maela: One of the major areas for reducing public health spending is reducing hospitalizations and their durations. As a result, monitoring and care are increasingly transferred to the patient’s home.

To support this change, Maela offers the first platform for preparing and securing home returns. The tool allows doctors to create follow-up protocols and the patient to be followed at home by a mobile application and / or Web access, all linked to a 24-hour remote monitoring nursing platform.

What is your value proposition?

We enable healthcare establishments, practitioners and patients to move forward in complete safety on reducing their length of stay. With our solution, patients are no longer left alone when leaving the establishment, they benefit from 24-hour follow-up according to the criteria and the doctor’s instructions. They have access at all times to health professionals who monitor, reassure and support them.

Thanks to our unique protocol engine co-developed with Atos, we are able to warn early on complications, avoid re-hospitalization, standardize best practices in order to free up medical time and improve care.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We have 3 types of users:

Healthcare establishments, which are our customers, seek with our tool to optimize treatment, improve quality and digitize the patient journey.

The practitioners, who are our prescribers, wish to offer the best possible care to their patients. With our platform, they help them prepare and follow them after their release. They collect valuable information, improve their practices and optimize their medical time.

The patients, who are our users and are often lost in these difficult times. With our solution, they have a one-stop shop for their care (medical or surgical) and a permanent link for their questions.

What is your development plan?

Our solution already benefits more than a thousand patients in France. We want to continue to develop it in order to go as far as possible in the surveillance of all pathologies while remaining the simplest tool on the market. We are working in parallel on partnerships with other start-ups to offer new services to our users.

2017 is a pivotal moment for us with the acquisition of the first large clients (CHU, group of clinics, specialized establishments, etc.) allowing us to demonstrate our ability to manage large projects and 2018 should be the year of accelerated growth driven by government reforms which are very favorable to us.

By around 2020, we see ourselves as a leader in peri-hospital follow-up, both in terms of service and product, with a turnover exceeding 10 million euros.

For the moment we want to demonstrate our ability to be efficient and profitable in our domestic market.

What are your challenges?

1 in 6 people are hospitalized each year in France where the average length of stay is 4.5 days (source DGOS 2015). There are potentially 11M patients who could benefit from Maela and several tens of millions of hospital days saved each year.

We wish to recruit and train a commercial team specializing in hospital e-health. Conquer and retain benchmark establishments throughout the territory.

We plan to raise funds and / or find a partner by the end of the year with a strong field presence allowing us to accelerate our development over the next 3 years.

We have planned to recruit around ten people: follow-up nurses, salespeople, e-health and deployment project managers.

Who are your competitors?

We note with kindness that many start-ups are currently launching themselves in this segment which proves to us that there is a strong traction, but often do it with insufficient means and / or a total ignorance of the hospital health sector. Some large establishments also try to develop their own solutions and then realize the complexity of these solutions.

Today, we are the only ones to combine a high-performance technological solution and a follow-up service. We have the strength to have in-house doctors who understand the business needs and guide the design of the tool. We must not forget that they are the final decision-makers on the discharge of patients and that the service provided meets expectations.

Finally, co-development with Atos allows us to claim the most reliable and versatile tool on the market to date.

Founders: Hubert Viot, Fabrice Hardouin and Benoit Gignoux

Creation date : december 2014

Fundraising : 600,000 euros from founders and private investors

Seat : Paris