[FW Radar] Logium 3D wants to extend 3D manufacturing throughout the industry

by bold-lichterman

Launched in May 2016 by Valérie Mockels-Rohr and Sébastien Mockels, Logium 3D allows the design of 3D product prototypes.

More details with Sébastien Mockels, director and co-founder of Logium 3D.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

sebastien mockelsSébastien Mockels, director and co-founder of Logium 3D: Our start-up seeks to respond to the rapid and customizable needs of companies or surgeons.

The sectors concerned are, medical, aeronautics, space, designers, industrial design offices and other BE for the development of prototypes, molds or models. Using additive manufacturing saves time in the production chain by validating a product very quickly for faster time to market.

What is your value proposition?

The value we offer is simple, be responsive to customers, offer an alternative, in particular to surgeons from the animal world, offer design or engineering offices the possibility of validating concepts up to dimensions of 1 cubic meter (1 meter on the 3 axes).

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users of our services range from the hospital center (CHV Frégis) to SAFRAN. There are many outlets and all sectors are affected by our achievements: the veterinary world, architects, designers, aeronautics, space, industry design offices and other research departments for R and D …

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to carry out physical tests to validate technical choices. This production technique now makes it possible to produce mechanically resistant parts, in order to check the interlocking, assemblies, kinematics, outfits, ergonomics or even any type of performance expected when defining the specifications.

Regarding orthopedic surgeons, it becomes possible to visualize and touch the parts that will be operated. Thus, the surgeon is prepared for his intervention (like a high level athlete he trains), the anesthesia is shorter and therefore it is possible to reduce the postoperative risk.

What is your development plan?

Regarding our product, I aim to develop IOT products integrated into 3d printing for the animal medical world.

Hiring is expected before the end of the year. This post will be a design office project manager specializing in 3D CAD printing, manufacturing constraints and maintenance of production resources.

Regarding internationalization, we are continuing our European development. I already work with Germany in particular Big Rep Berlin and the USA.

What are your challenges?

We wish to continue our development at SFRAN and more generally in the world of aeronautics. On the business side, we want to expand into the automotive and plastics industries. 3d printing is a good complement or support to the classic world of plastics, especially when there is a unique model to achieve

Our financial goal is to fill the order book to multiply our figure by 23 per machine. This would allow us to develop several products.

On the HR side, we will reinforce the team with a work-study or apprentice robotics engineer.

Who are your competitors?

In the first place the plastics manufacturers because they are reluctant towards 3D printing, then come the large groups with their significant strike force, groups such as materializes, scultéo.

We are like a craftsman, our strength lies in more attractive prices because of less burden.

Key data:

  • Founders: Valérie Mockels-Rohr and Sébastien Mockels
  • Creation date : May 31, 2016
  • Fundraising : no
  • Seat : Paris