[FW Radar] L-start, the online female incubator

by bold-lichterman

L-start was created by Sophie Courtin-Bernardo and Dominique Descamps in October 2016. The platform offers women the opportunity to meet online in the same space.

More details with Sophie Courtin-Bernardo, co-founder of L-start.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Sophie-Courtin-BernardoSophie Courtin-Bernardo, co-founder of L-start: L-start offers validated and practical tools, training and a network of more than 35 professionals (experts and mentors) to support women entrepreneurs at all stages of their development. The project leaders will find a methodology to start, the young entrepreneurs will be able to structure their development, as for the more confirmed entrepreneurs, they will be able to turn to different experts for their strategic choices and to get out of their isolation.

What is your value proposition?

Dominique and I have both been entrepreneurs for many years with several companies to our credit. Our personal experience and our various meetings with many business leaders made us want to create the platform that we would have liked to find when we launched. L-start is a 100% online ecosystem to find all the resources an entrepreneur needs to accelerate her growth in a caring environment.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our members are now micro-entrepreneurs, freelancers, independents or very young start-ups who need to structure themselves while joining a community of caring women. They wish to discuss and compare their progress with peers. They are all looking for validated tools to structure themselves and accelerate their success. All the resources available allow them to remove the blockages linked to their activity.

What is your development plan?

Now that our business model is working, that customer returns and retention rates are very good, we will be able to accelerate our business development to increase our profitability.

Our development over the next 12 months is based on:

  • The launch of an intensive 3-month formula with integrated services, for all those who wish to take action quickly while being accompanied.

  • New training offers.

  • New partnerships to strengthen our entrepreneurial ecosystem and increase our visibility.

  • An increased commercial effort: doubling our members by the end of 2017.

  • Upgrade of the platform.

What are your challenges?

More and more women want to create their own activity, entrepreneurship, artistic project, independent profession to satisfy their value and respond to personal constraints. Our platform being entirely online, we want to accentuate our development towards the Francophone community in the broad sense, including expatriates, faced with the difficulty of finding a job and often isolated.

As our business model is based on volume, we must work to increase our notoriety in order to maintain our pricing policy, which allows everyone to access quality resources.

The other point is the acceleration of our development. We would like to go faster by increasing our investments, we are studying the possibility of launching a crowdfunding campaign in the coming months.

Who are your competitors?

We have not identified any direct French-speaking competitors. There are other initiatives around female entrepreneurship that offer some of our services.

The other two major differentiations are found in the price offer and accessibility. Many initiatives are expensive (individual coaching) and require an investment that many solo-entrepreneurs cannot afford or these initiatives require a physical presence. Our strength: whether you live away from a big city or in a foreign country, whether you want to develop your project late at night while keeping your salaried job, you have access to all the resources and to the replay of online events.

Founders: Sophie Courtin-Bernardo and Dominique Descamps

Creation date : october 2016

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris