[FW Radar] Kwalead wants to help internet users monetize their personal data

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2014 by Maurice Ayed and Maxime Regniez, Kwalead wants to empower internet users. They can monetize their data. On the platform, advertising campaigns are listed and they choose who they want to give their information to. The start-up has been pre-selected to join the new Parisian incubator Station F.

More details with Maurice Ayed, CEO and co-founder of Kwalead.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

maurice-ayedMaurice Ayed, CEO and co-founder of Kwalead: Kwalead is a Web and mobile marketplace that connects members with advertisers in order to directly monetize the personal data of their quotes, surveys, surveys, product tests, competitions, etc.

Today, when an Internet user takes part in a poll, quiz, surveys, contests or when he requests a quote on a comparator, his personal data is sold to advertisers and most often without his knowledge.

The sites of quotes for works, insurance, banking, repurchase of credit, automobile tests, etc … have monthly needs in enormous lead and the problem of these advertisers is to be able to acquire enough to increase their turnover and develop their business . To do this they spend huge budgets to acquire lead.

On the other hand, Internet users are constantly solicited by advertising campaigns to offer them to quote for an alarm or to change bank or even to try the new Renault, but without financial compensation and without knowing what becomes their personal data.

What’s your value proposition?

More than half of Internet users are ready to monetize their personal data, we are talking to all these Internet users. We give the opportunity to increase their income by earning up to 500 euros per month and thus control and enhance their personal data. In addition, everything is 100% transparent due to the fact that all data sent to advertisers is displayed on the member’s account as well as the income generated by the monetization of this data.

Our marketplace makes it possible to meet the demands of advertisers by providing them with quality leads and the expected volumes. We distribute their campaigns to qualified member profiles and identify them based on search criteria.

Members are also solicited by notifications in order to participate in polls, product tests, surveys and can submit their requests for quotes in more than 100 categories, such as insurance, banking, finance, works, etc. By participating in our campaigns, the members select the advertisers to whom their personal data will be sent, they will then be remunerated in return. We are paid by advertisers, and we share 30 to 50% of this remuneration with members. We bring purchasing power to Internet users and we protect their data.

Who are the users of your solutions?

On the one hand, our users are advertisers and agencies with lead needs in the following areas: insurance, automobile, banking, credit, energy, real estate, works, telephony. On the other hand, all Internet users who wish to increase their purchasing power and control over their personal data. We meet this need with the marketplace which connects advertisers and Internet users.

Who are your competitors?

We have no direct competition on this model, but the concept of cashback sites is a bit similar to us (Ebuyclub, octopus, cashstore and survey sites; Toluna, mysurvey). None of these sites offers connections to monetize personal data, the concepts are different, because the data is resold to advertisers without monetizing Internet users.

What is your development plan?

We are experiencing growth of over 15% per week on the user side, and we intend to rapidly develop the community of members with a target of 500,000 members by the end of 2017.

We want to recruit in order to reach a team of 10 people with marketing, sales and engineering profiles and to develop very quickly internationally.

What are your challenges?

“Take power over your data” is our slogan, we want to disrupt the data market with total transparency. Because data is the oil of the 21st century and the market is very large, we intend to validate our concept in France in order to develop it very quickly internationally.

Our ambition is to become the French Facebook of the lead. We are finalizing the development of our tool in SAS mode which will allow advertisers to broadcast their campaigns directly on Kwalead.

Founders: Maurice Ayed and Maxime Regniez

Creation date : Creation KWALEAD SAS on September 30, 2015. Start of commercial activity on January 2, 2017

Fundraising : no

Seat : Paris

Capital: 6,000 euros

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