[FW Radar] Keople assesses a company’s digital maturity

by bold-lichterman

Created in December 2013 by Séverine Pirault, Keople allows companies to measure their digital maturity. The platform also offers monitoring of actions carried out in the digital transformation process.

More details with Séverine Pirault, founder of Keople.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

severine-piraultSéverine Pirault, founder of Keople: We are living in a digital revolution and companies must face it and transform themselves: offer a new customer experience, and at the same time, upgrade their employees’ skills. Lack of digital skills costs organizations an average of 3 million euros per year per 1,000 employees. Even today, 47% of employees feel incompetent in the use of digital tools. It is our role to help them become aware of the challenges and contributions of digital technology, to acculturate and adopt the right postures. To increase agility, adaptability, business performance in this changing society, we are convinced that people and collaborative intelligence are the keys.

What’s your value proposition?

To meet these new challenges, we have developed a Saas platform, MyKeople, which enables companies to assess their digital maturity and that of one to several thousand employees at the same time in a few days. The Digi’Diag, a self-assessment questionnaire, diagnoses employees by questioning their digital uses and practices, their level of digital skills as well as their postures in the face of digital uses such as openness and agility. This makes it possible to base a targeted progress plan, and to identify digital champions who will be natural ambassadors to all employees. A corporate dashboard allows managers to monitor progress over time, and thus check that the business plan is keeping pace with the corporate strategy.

Who are the users of your solutions?

To date, we have diagnosed more than 10,000 employees in service-oriented companies (banks, real estate agencies, etc.). We also work with recruitment firms to diagnose the digital culture of their candidates. Client companies want a rapid and high-quality inventory for all their employees, based on a solid digital skills framework. With the Digi’Diag, the diagnosis is not mandatory, and yet we record average participation rates of 92%. Employees see it as a professional and personal interest knowing that digital is becoming a criterion of employability. For businesses, it is the analysis of this assessment that enables the implementation of a relevant and personalized acculturation plan that is as close as possible to the needs identified. The customers who started this process one or two years ago have measured convincing progress and a very clear return on investment, both financial (efficiency, additional sales) and human, with a real dynamic impelled within their teams.

Who are your competitors?

We don’t really have any direct competitors apart from a few pure players like us. These companies offer digital maturity diagnostics rather in the form of multiple choice questions, but do not provide a complete digital skills framework, nor the ability to carry out individual and collective restitution that generates real value. To quote a client, “Keople is the Rolls Royce of Digital Diag”. Our indirect competitors are the actors of digital transformation, some operate a questionnaire to better sell their training content for example. We are in this very differentiating framework because completely agnostic. Note: several renowned consulting firms have partnered with Keople to include its added value in their more global digital transformation offer.

What is your development plan?

Since the beginning of the adventure, a large part of our activity has been devoted to R&D.

Our tool is the result of more than a year of monitoring and iterations, to build a solid skills framework, a robust platform, and a relevant dashboard. This really positions us as “the digital TOEIC” and the analytics platform for digital transformation. In order to support clients throughout the learning cycle, we will quickly offer contextualized progress paths (in partnership with educational professionals) for each employee, taking into account the results of their Digi’Diag, strategic priorities about his business, and his own desires and motivations. We are also going to offer Social Learning functionalities in order to accelerate collaborative dynamics and for example Reverse Mentoring dynamics.

Our short-term ambition is to reach 50,000 diagnoses by the end of 2017.

To date, large accounts such as Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, CIC, BPI, etc. or even SMEs such as Thierry Immobilier trust us. We want to reach new sectors of activity and all types of companies, because everyone is affected by this revolution.

We are currently finalizing commercial (consulting firms) and industrial partnerships (in particular with educational professionals and content producers) to accelerate our development. We want to exceed 3 million euros at 3 years.

We have the ambition to develop internationally. Our platform was designed from its inception to be multilingual. First, we want to be able to support French companies that are present internationally. Quickly, and from 2018, we will expand our commercial presence internationally. The roadmap is to be finalized, but Europe is a first step, North America and Canada in particular a second, and Asia and Australia a third. Ultimately, there is no limit to our locations. It is likely that the establishment strategy will partly follow the successes that we will have in France with our partners of the “Large international consulting firm” type.

What are your challenges?

Our different challenges are:

  • market: address all sectors, and offer a digital maturity benchmark by sector.

  • business: found an ecosystem of partners that will maximize value for our customers, and accelerate development.

  • financial: permanently guarantee financial solidity to ensure our R&D, reassure investors and customers.

  • HR: permanently anchor our corporate values ​​(objectivity / integrity, entrepreneurship, respect, collaboration, financial strength, social responsibility), and attract talent to support our growth.

Founder: Severine Pirault

Creation date : December 12, 2013

Fundraising : any

Seat : Nantes

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