[FW Radar] KeeeX how to regain control over your data with confidence

by bold-lichterman

More details with Laurent HENOCQUE, founder of KeeeX:

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Only 40% of people trust digital technology. With the proliferation of uses, individuals and professionals are also asking for more simplification. KeeeX makes it possible to regain this confidence by affixing a universal and unalterable seal on all types of files (document, photo, video, log, executable, archive…) thus guaranteeing their integrity, source and date.

We thus put trust and security in data so that people can verify that a document has not been modified, know the origin of information on the web or to facilitate the automation of processes by example. We also use the Blockchain as a proof register without a central control body.

What is your value proposition?

KeeeX allows companies to regain control over their data and bring confidence in collaboration, internally or with its partners. Certifying and qualifying data at the source makes it easier to locate and use it, reduce disputes and speed up audit and verification processes.

The multiplication of platforms is a barrier to interoperability, which is why we work directly on files without changing their format. We allow our users to certify their data locally. The evidence being embedded in the files and the files being stored at home, we ensure the confidentiality and the sustainability of their intangible heritage.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Groups like EDF, SNCF, Thales, Orange or GRTgaz already trust us and use our solutions to certify isolated documents or industrial processes. We are working on the theme of Fake News with several listed companies by allowing them to certify documents intended for external distribution (press releases, studies, infographics) so that journalists and investors can verify their origin and integrity.

We are also very active in the supply chain and industry sector by bringing dematerialization, compliance and traceability to processes. Finally, our electronic signature offer is used by our clients externally for signing contracts or internally for validation processes.

What is your development plan?

We are entering the second half of 2018 with major national projects with global reach. We do projects directly for large accounts and provide our technology to business partners, software publishers or major players wishing to bring additional value to their customers (in particular via our Plug & Play component integrated into their offer). Our international development is planned in connection with a capital increase.

What are your challenges?

The main issue remains recruitment. It is important to surround yourself with the right people to support the growth of the startup. It is essential that France be able to train enough developers to meet the recruitment needs of companies like ours.

The second is to make us known internationally. The large French groups have grasped the interest of certifying and qualifying their intangible assets in order to go further in the use of their data and increase trust in exchanges. We must now cross borders, the ambition of KeeeX is global!

Who are your competitors?

Given the disruptive nature of our technology, we don’t really have direct competitors. We

allow our customers to integrate different services with a single, universal and lasting solution.

We stand out from the platforms that make companies dependent on infrastructure by embedding evidence directly in the data, data that is stored in our clients’ IS and which remains verifiable, even without KeeeX.

Who is the entrepreneur who inspires you?

Steve Jobs. He was able to stand up to adversity to offer solutions that nobody had idea.

The 5 applications that are essential for you and why:

  • Mozilla Firefox for surfing the net
  • Mozilla Thunderbird to read my emails
  • KeeeX ChatOps for secure day-to-day collaboration CoinMarketCap to track the price of different cryptocurrencies
  • Photo Proof to certify the photos I take

The 5 tech events you absolutely must attend and why:

  • CES Las Vegas to meet French decision-makers!
  • The Web Summit for networking evenings in the streets of Lisbon
  • VivaTech which is the innovation fair in France and has the ambition to become the European CES – Le Mobil
  • World Congress to discover new developments in the mobile industry
  • The CEBIT which is a benchmark event in Europe on information technologies

A start-up for us to discover?

Buyco – the dematerialized maritime transport intermediation platform

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