[FW Radar] Karnott, the connected box to no longer lose your agricultural equipment

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2016 by Alexandre Cuvelier and Antoine Dequidt, who met at Young Leaders Center, Karnott is a connected box attached to each piece of equipment which makes it possible to monitor the activity of the equipment and to distribute the mechanization costs between co-owners.

More details with Alexandre Cuvelier, co-founder of Karnott:

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Farmers in France are increasingly pooling their equipment in order to reduce costs. Mutualizing requires getting organized by keeping precise accounts of who uses what equipment, today these 300,000 farmers do it daily on a paper notebook.

Karnott disrupts these uses with its connected object which automatically counts the use made of the equipment and detects the co-owner in order to establish fair and precise accounts.

What is your value proposition?

Our proposal is simple:

  • Founders: Alexandre Cuvelier, Antoine Dequidt
  • Creation date : September 2016
  • Fundraising : We carried out a first fundraising of 1.1M € with Leap Ventures and various BAs including the former director of Ingredia.
  • Seat : Lille