[FW Radar] Janasense, the sensor that watches over the elderly

by bold-lichterman

Janasense was created by Mickael Alves. he associated three friends from sectors of activity related to the activity and who are members of the board without being operational. Janasense is a connected service that makes users active in their own well-being, while reassuring their loved ones, for shared serenity.

More details with Mickael Alves, CEO of Janasense:

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Today the aging of the population is a major societal issue. In 2030 in France 1/3 of the population will be over 60 years old. This goes hand in hand with a growing dependence, linked in particular to a healthy life expectancy which is on a downward trend. Today, the consideration of aging is mainly addressed when the degree of autonomy of the person has already started. The challenge is to be able to provide a preventive response that prolongs the well-being of the person.

FW Radar Janasense the sensor that watches over the elderly

What is your value proposition?

Janasense is developing a connected service for aging well at home in order to prolong the well-being of people and their loved ones. Through the actimetry of the home, the sensors learn the behavioral habits of the home in order to be able to detect any signs of change or drifts.

Changes which, in the long term, can impact health and promote the onset of frailty: sleep problems, a disturbed eating pattern …

Because taking care of yourself means taking responsibility for yourself, the mobile application makes it possible to monitor your own level of well-being, and relatives can access useful information to support while concealing unnecessary stress.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The service is aimed just as much at seniors as in carers concerned with the well-being of their loved one as well as with a service that facilitates their daily life. We are now working with real estate developers and social landlords in a logic of high added value housing for residents while responding to well-being concerns related to the comfort of housing.

We also work with independent residences so that the service also makes it possible to enhance and simplify the action of professionals. An axis that we are also working with home help companies. We are also solicited on the issue of return from hospitalization or home hospitalization.

What is your development plan?

The solution is being tested in the Loiret department (with the support of the Department, Carsat, Logem Loire and Crédit Agricole Center Loire) in a living Lab logic in order to optimize the user experience and acceptability of the solution, while validating the technical points for industrialization. 300 housing units will be equipped as well as an independent residence.

Marketing is scheduled for early 2019

Janasense is now 13 people covering all the required skills (IOT, IA, Web / Mobile, UX, Marketing). Fundraising is underway to strengthen our R&D, industrialization and commercial structuring capacities.

The presence at CES in early 2018 aroused strong interest from the North American and Asia-Pacific markets. Since then, contacts have multiplied and an exploratory study is underway to define the development strategy in these markets.

What are your challenges?

Prevention is now part of e-health, it is about doing the same on the issue of aging to preserve the autonomy capital

– business

Become the service layer of the habitat that takes care of the occupants. Extend the service to an eHealth dimension (prevention of certain behavioral pathologies)

– financial

Industrialize, market and strengthen the workforce. A fundraiser is in preparation.

– HR

Develop the Sales and Marketing team. Surround yourself with scientific and medical experts. A COO is also wanted.

Who are your competitors?

There are many players in the world of passive or active remote assistance. This mainly involves identifying the risk of falling in the elderly. This risk appears with the advance of fragility during aging. Detecting falls then becomes essential. Our objective is to prevent the risks of fragility by identifying the rhythm and the relevance of the moments of life. This by analyzing the actimetry of housing which while being less stigmatizing allows us a finer qualification.

Who is the entrepreneur who inspires you?

All! there is always something inspiring to listen to. It is then a question of knowing how to profit without trying to do the same.

The 5 applications that are essential for you and why:

  • Waze, because I was born without a compass.
  • Pocket to be able to return to an interesting subject at the right time
  • Slack because it’s definitely better than paper planes
  • Asana which greatly simplifies the organization
  • LeBonCoin, because there are things you can’t find there.

The 5 tech events you absolutely must attend and why:

Nothing original for once The CES, beyond the glitter we meet all the key players. The Web Summit which nevertheless benefits from an incredible organization. More human, the Sido in Lyon, it is precisely more human and we keep great memories. Vivatech, which is gaining momentum. More entrepreneurial than tech but rich, Innovation Generation by BPI.

A start-up for us to discover?

Let’s play the local card ?, AlterEgo Digital, Nuoo and G-Keep

Key data:

  • Founders: Mickael alves
  • Creation date : December 2016
  • Fundraising : Mainly grants and aid for 500K €
  • Seat : At Lab’O Village by CA Orleans