[FW Radar] Indexima wants to be the fastest on visualizing business data

by bold-lichterman

Created in March 2016 by Florent Voignier, Indexima makes access to all of a company’s data easier. Each employee can analyze and understand this information thanks to data visualization.

More details with Florent Voignier, founder of Indexima.

FrenchWeb: What problem does Indexima solve?

florent-voignier2Florent Voignier, founder of Indexima: Indexima was born from an obvious observation, the growing need of companies to benefit from big data analysis tools that are quick and easy to access.

In this context, we offer an indexing engine that accelerates the analysis and visualization of data in record time.

The solution facilitates the accessibility of these large volumes of data to the entire company through popular tools such as Excel and other common data visualization solutions.

Users can thus analyze big data using their tools of choice.

What’s your value proposition?

Our indexing engine gives instant answers whatever the volume of data thanks to its innovative technology. Query execution times being the main obstacle to analyzes when working on big data.

Who are the users of your solution?

Our direct users are “data scientists” and “business intelligence” consultants who handle the data collected by the company. Indirectly, the marketing and business teams who analyze, for example, user behavior or the way in which a service is used, integrate our indexing engine into their analysis and reporting tools.

Who are your competitors?

Our main competitors are the American start-ups Atscale and Kyvos Insights.

These solutions require the creation of “cubes” which limit the possibilities in the analyzes. Our product eliminates the need for these cubes by harnessing the full power of visualization tools with even faster response times.

What is your development plan?

Our product will open in the coming months to various big data platforms to allow indexing all data regardless of their source. We intend to strengthen our Sales teams as well as R&D.

The first step in our internationalization is to participate in the main big data conferences over the next 12 months.

What are your challenges?

Our main challenge is to position our solution as a must in the market when we want to analyze large volumes of data quickly and easily.

The signing of partnerships with publishers of Business Intelligence solutions as well as the main Hadoop distributions is also a major issue. Finally, recruiting big data experts to support our customers is also a real challenge.

Founder: Florent Voignier

Creation date : march 2016

Fundraising : any

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