[FW Radar] Implicity, the monitoring platform for doctors

by bold-lichterman

Founded in May 2016 by Arnaud Rosier, David Perlmutter and Louis Pinot de Villechenon, Implicity allows doctors to follow their patients with pacemakers connected via a platform. The latter retrieves all the data from the tool.

More details with Louis Pinot de Villechenon, Product Director of Implicity.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Louis-Pinot-de-VillechenonLouis Pinot de Villechenon, Product Director of Implicity: Implicity is developing a platform allowing physicians to better monitor all patients with pacemakers or implanted defibrillators. This represents 600,000 people in France, 16 million in Europe and the US. Many studies show that monitoring these patients remotely halves their mortality and generates substantial savings for health systems. However, only 10% of these patients currently benefit from remote monitoring.

What is your value proposition?

We offer a platform for physicians, allowing them to effectively monitor all their patients with pacemakers / defibrillators. Our platform collects the data emitted by these devices, which are all today connected, and analyzes them using AI to identify patients at risk so that doctors can take care of them more quickly and efficiently.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The main users of our solution are rhythmologists, specialist cardiologists in charge of monitoring these prostheses. They want to take advantage of the fact that pacemakers are now online, and can therefore be remotely monitored, but they do not yet have the adequate tools to monitor all of their patients as well. Each rhythmologist can have over a thousand patients, so they need a tool that allows them to manage all the data flow this generates and quickly identify patients who really require their attention.

What is your development plan?

Here is our development plan:

  • on the product / service level: launch of a first pilot in French clinics and hospitals at the beginning of the summer then full commercial launch at the start of the 2017 school year.
  • business growth: recruitment in the coming months of several developers to improve our platform, as well as doctoral students for AI research, and salespeople.
  • internationalization: planned for 2018.

What are your challenges?

We want to close our first round of investment with relevant players who can bring us their expertise and something other than just capital.

Who are your competitors?

Lindacare (Belgium) and Geneva Healthcare (US). We believe we have a better understanding of medical and business issues and therefore have a more ambitious value proposition. The challenge and the opportunity we are addressing is the emergence of connected medicine and the transformation of care and support practices. They seem to have a more restricted vision and also have no technological pretensions unlike us who are an AI startup as much as a medical one.

Another competitor, Murj, has made his appearance which we are also watching carefully.

Implicity: the key data

Founders: Arnaud Rosier, David Perlmutter and Louis Pinot de Villechenon

Creation date : May 2016

Fundraising : In progress

Seat : Paris

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