[FW Radar] Hellocare wants to transpose the medical consultation on an application and in video

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2016 by Mathilde de Rouzic and William Benichou, Hellocare is an application that allows users to connect with a doctor. These are available 7 days a week via the platform.

More details with Mathilde Le Rouzic, co-founder and COO of HelloCare.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

mathilde-le-rouzicMathilde Le Rouzic, co-founder and COO: HelloCare is a free application that allows you to be put in touch with a doctor in a few minutes, via your mobile or tablet, in video. Thus, Hellocare is aimed at both doctors and their patients, by putting them in touch via a secure connection. Hellocare combines flexibility with health, since the solution can provide an answer to the problems of medical deserts, the overload of emergencies and the saturation of waiting rooms.

What’s your value proposition?

We suggest that patients speak immediately to a doctor registered with the French Order Council, 7 days a week, regardless of where they are in the world. The solution is also suitable for executives lacking time to go to consult in an office as for people in geographical mobility. Finally, we propose a preventive approach, by intervening very early in the treatment process, which makes it possible to reduce the need for curative treatment.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We serve both doctors and patients. We are aimed at overworked workers, those in a hurry, young parents, people who are unable to move around, or who do not have the time or the motivation to consult an office for a benign illness (cold, flu, etc. gastroenteritis) or to obtain specialist medical advice. For healthcare professionals, the solution foreshadows an additional channel of exchange that should develop a lot in the years to come: we are convinced that the patient-doctor relationship of tomorrow will not only take place in a doctor’s office but that it will be will also extend on digital channels.

Who are your competitors?

We were very much inspired by an English start-up, Babylon Health, to create Hellocare. In France, there are still few players, among them we can cite for example MédecinDirect (generalist approach) or Epiderm.co (specialist approach).

What is your development plan?

We are launching a very basic V1 of the application but we are going to enrich our application with many features, starting with a digital health record. This year is the year of our deployment, we are counting on a fairly “soft” start (15,000 patients in 2017), the time to test the platform and expand it. For 2018, however, we will go through a strong acceleration. Finally, in terms of international development, this is something that we are considering on a European scale but we will first validate the model on the French market, pass all the regulatory stages before starting to open up abroad. .

What are your challenges?

For this year, we are working on the authorizations that will allow us to issue and send a prescription made online to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice. We are also working on avenues to create a link with the doctor treating the Internet user who will come through us. Secondly, we will focus on everything that surrounds the patient, from caregivers to connected objects, with the idea of ​​creating a real digital health companion.

Founders: William Benichou and Mathilde de Rouzic

Creation date : 2016

Fundraising : In progress

Seat : La Ciotat

Capital: 5100 euros

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