[FW Radar] Hanploi, the jobboard reserved for disabled workers

by bold-lichterman

Founded by Franck Seurin, Hanploi is a jobboard for people with disabilities.

More details with Jérôme Grenier, Web project manager at Hanploi.

FrenchWeb: What problem solves Hanploi?

Jérôme Grenier, Web project manager at Hanploi: In France more than 12 million people have a disability. In a period of extremely high unemployment, it is even more difficult for workers with disabilities to find or keep a job as 21% of them are unemployed, which is double the national average. Companies, with more than 20 employees, have since 1987 been required to have at least 6% of disabled workers in their workforce, despite this, they are struggling to recruit. Faced with this observation, we decided to launch the first jobboard reserved for disabled workers to finally put candidates and companies in touch.

What’s your value proposition?

The platform was born from the meeting between two networks, that of integration structures and ten large companies to respond to an operational problem: how to identify people with disabilities with skills in line with the needs of the company. 11 years ago, we were at the beginnings of the digitalization of HR, and no networking tool existed on the market. The aim of the site is therefore to demonstrate that with equal skills, disability is not a barrier. Allow candidates and recruiters to meet quickly around a platform where disability will not be an obstacle, and where only skills count.

We also have various products and services that allow us to support our business partners on all of their HR issues and our candidates. We also do specific recruitments for companies.

Who are the users of your solution?

Our site is aimed mainly at two targets:

  • BtoB side: Large companies such as Total, EDF, Capgemini, Thales, SNCF, etc. involved in disability, are recruiting various profiles throughout France. Several hundred recruiters regularly post their job offers on our site, communicate about their commitments in spaces dedicated to them and source candidate profiles directly from our CV database.

  • BtoC side: we meet both the needs of candidates looking for a job and those of the integration professionals who support them. With more than 5,000 jobs in very different sectors of activity, they come to Hanploi.com because they know that applications will be processed by people with awareness of disability, in an environment where discrimination in hiring is still present.

Who are your competitors?

Many sites have positioned themselves on disability in recent years. First of all, there are players specializing in the disability sector, such as Handicap.fr, who primarily communicate with candidates on disability news, provide them with advice, or even information on the job market. . But also, general recruitment sites, like Monster, which have launched a disability section on their site. What really sets us apart from these players is our employment and disability expertise based on a network of professionals who have supported us to promote the professional integration of people with disabilities for over 11 years. In addition, our visibility within higher education allows us to have a qualified CV database, of which more than 53% of registrants have a level above Bac + 2.

What is your development plan?

We want to continue integrating new technologies on our site to provide candidates with the offers that best suit them and recruiters with the profiles that best suit their needs.

We want to Develop an SME offer. At present, most of our customers and more generally the companies active in the handicap are large groups. SMEs also have a role to play in this sector.

What are your challenges?

Our main challenge is to continue to provide the best possible support for companies in the development of their disability policy, particularly in the area of ​​recruitment. Some companies are unfamiliar with the sector and prefer to pay the contribution to AGEFIPH rather than implement a disability policy. Our desire is to offer them more relevant and economical actions in the long term.

Founder: Franck Seurin

Creation date : 2005

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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