[FW Radar] Goomeo wants to boost events with digital

by bold-lichterman

Launched in July 2010 by Franck Auzanneau and Ludovic Mingot, Goomeo is a platform for creating applications for events.

More details with Franck Auzanneau, co-founder and CEO.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Franck-AuzanneauFranck Auzanneau, co-founder and CEO: With the emergence of digital and digital tools, it quickly became clear to us that the events sector also had to operate its digital transformation and therefore develop its own solutions to facilitate the arrival and experience of participants at an event , whether they are visitors, exhibitors, speakers or journalists.

What’s your value proposition?

Goomeo is a platform for creating mobile applications and connected services dedicated to events (trade shows and the general public, conferences and corporate events) with the aim of connecting event participants to each other. Developed under a white label, the “made in Goomeo” applications offer information as well as services for connecting and personalizing the experience that adapt to all participant profiles (visitors, exhibitors, speakers, VIPs, press ). These native apps are available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Today, we carry out 200 applications per year, both in France and internationally, such as the Mondial de l’Automobile, the Salon de l’Agriculture, Maison & Objet or the London Book Fair and the IBTM World.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our clients are event organizers who have a platform allowing them to create and manage their mobile application. And the end users of the applications created are the participants of the events, whatever their profile (visitors, exhibitors, congressman, speaker, VIPs, press). Before going to an event, everyone is looking for information to optimize their visit: the list of exhibitors, stands, conferences, practical information… We facilitate access to this information since from the application everyone can consult them, with the possibility of adding them as a favorite and taking notes, but also to better orient themselves on the spot with an interactive map. We also offer networking, appointment scheduling, a badge reader, and the ability to ask questions or respond to a survey during a conference.

What is your development plan?

We continue to develop our product, particularly around services related to networking and interactions between participants. For example, in June we will be releasing an “activity feed” and in September new ergonomics to present more personalized and contextual content to each user).

In addition, we are currently looking for funds to accelerate the growth of the company, recruitment and internationalization.

We already achieve 30% of its turnover abroad and in 2016 opened an office in London and Montreal.

What are your challenges?

Our objective is to further strengthen our leadership on the French market. If today, we work with most of the major events, we want to develop more on the mid-market where there are many events. At the same time, we are accelerating internationally by focusing on the United Kingdom, whose market is hyper dynamic, and French-speaking Canada, the ideal launching pad for the North American market. The fundraising in sight will allow us both to increase our sales force to achieve these objectives but also to continue to innovate to keep a technological edge.

Who are your competitors?

We are leaders in France with little competition: there are a few players but they do not have as wide a scope as ours (for example, products focused on interactivity during conferences). Our competition is more international, particularly with large North American players. What sets us apart from them: our native apps working offline, our design, our interactive maps with route calculation and the adaptation of content and services according to the user of the app.

Founders: Franck Auzanneau and Ludovic Mingot

Creation date : july 2010

Fundraising : no

Seat : Limoges