[FW Radar] Gad Delta wants to digitize the work of accountants

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Created in 2014 by Olivier Giunta, Mathieu Bandrac and François Delatouche, Gad Delta is a start-up that is developing the Purple platform. The latter allows accountants to digitize their activity.

More details with François Delatouche, co-founder of Gad Delta.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

François Delatouche, co-founder of Gad Delta: We have developed a collaborative web platform for accountants and their clients. The objective is to “renovate” the business from a digital point of view, to limit travel that is costly in time, costs and pollution, as well as to allow the development of the customer portfolio. In addition, we want to revive competition between firms which, for the time being, was mainly based on lower prices rather than on the quality of the services provided. On the client side, they gain management, monitoring and invoicing tools in perfect collaboration with their accountant.

What’s your value proposition?

Many tools are grouped together in our Web Purple solution accessible via computers, tablets and smartphones: automated parts processing associated with a GED, a CRM for monitoring actions combined with time control, a social space and an invoicing tool for the firm and its clients, …

Thanks to its tools, we allow an average productivity gain of 50% *, so much time saved to develop a client portfolio and focus on advice, a new objective for many (* based on the experiences of current users).

Our solution is fully integrated into the regular management of accounting files and especially into the collaboration process established between an accounting firm and its clients.

Who are the users of your solution?

The main users are accounting firms who want to “digitize” their operations, but their clients are just as connected regularly. Our solution does not replace the accounting software in place but brings an essential brick to the process that consolidates the work of project managers within the firms and customer relations. For example, with our solution, the work of entering accounting lines, long and tedious, is finished. Indeed, the parts are processed automatically, the information is pre-entered, the project manager only has to validate this information. This action will generate the corresponding accounting lines, which will only have to be imported into the firm’s current accounting software. Productivity takes off!

Who are your competitors?

We could talk about Fizen, which is one of our competitors. But for the service provided, it seems much more expensive than us, less accessible.

What is your development plan?

We want to build quality after-sales and customer service and continue to develop our solution for ever more efficient tools.

We envision strong growth through the recruitment of new customers in 2017 and 2018 (multiply the turnover by 10) as well as a large-scale communication campaign and the implementation of a solid commercial strategy.

For the moment, the solution is planned for French accounting. However, we have had requests for Belgium and Polynesia.

What are your challenges?

We want to succeed in making ourselves known and penetrating the market that the big accounting software companies are trying to occupy with their less innovative ways.

We want to be able to offer an impeccable service to our customers with innovative and easy-to-use features and to be able to capture the necessary data, analyze them and render them with relevance.

We want to raise funds of a few hundred thousand euros in order to use all possible means to develop ourselves.

We want to carry out the recruitments necessary for the commercial development of the activity for the moment slowed down by our limited financial means and to recruit a full-time developer to ensure the future developments of Purple.

Founders: Olivier Giunta, Mathieu Bandrac and François Delatouche

Creation date : January 2014

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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