[FW Radar] Findhall wants to save customer time with product localization

by bold-lichterman

The application Findhall was created by Suzanne Pommier and Dylan Pugibet in January 2016. It allows users to locate the products they are looking for in a store.

More details with Dylan Pugibet, co-founder of Findhall.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

DylanDylan Pugibet, co-founder of Findhall: Findhall is an application allowing you to locate any product in supermarkets that will be equipped with it. We live in a world where people have more and more occupations, obligations, such as shopping for example because it is a primary need. This need is very often restrictive because we waste time looking for products that may be in front of our eyes or at the other end of the store. We believe that with our application, you will save time, have peace of mind and enjoy real convenience while shopping.

What’s your value proposition?

We want to make everyday life simpler and easier to live with, hence our slogan: “Make your life easier”. Indeed, our life is strewn with pitfalls, no need to add to the difficulty of going shopping for two hours after leaving the office, or rushing to eat between noon and two to make two purchases, to spend forty-five minutes in a supermarket to buy only a missing or forgotten product… No, you have to concentrate on the essential problems. This is the solution we are proposing today.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users of our application can be multiple. Mothers who have busy days and who are accompanied by their children, people who work and who do not have time to spend two hours in a supermarket to buy a specific pack of milk. On the other hand, we also have students who often eat badly because they don’t like it, shopping, spending time in a hypermarket …

Finally, we would have the elderly or people with reduced mobility, who will be able, with a suitable box on their shopping cart, to move around the store more easily and enjoy a certain level of comfort, particularly in the most frequented stores.

Who are your competitors?

We don’t really have any competitors in this market except for substitute services such as in-store terminals, drives, etc. However, they are not accessible to everyone. Anyone can download our application and use it independently and easily.

What is your development plan?

We are currently two on the project. We are looking for investors who will believe in us, to participate in the implementation of it. The application will be present on French territory in the GSA, however if it works we will target supermarkets in other sectors of activity such as GSB … In addition, if the application is very successful, we will will turn to the American or European market. The company will grow, and we will hire several people (coders, salespeople, etc.) in order to develop this project which can quickly take on an enormous scale.

What are your challenges?

Our challenges today are to build solid partnerships with supermarkets while finding comfortable funding, allowing us to code the application. To ensure the market which is vast, we are currently in the process of filing a patent with the National Institute of Industrial Property. One of the most important challenges today is to create visibility around our application, on the Web and in physical stores. It is an essential part to allow us to move forward and to create new opportunities for ourselves.

Founders: Suzanne Pommier and Dylan Pugibet

Creation date : January 2016

Fundraising : no but campaign of crowdfunding in progress

Seat : Paris

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