[FW Radar] Fifth Dimension, the start-up that wants to fight terrorism with data

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2014 by Ariel Zamir, Eli David and Guy Caspi in Tel Aviv, Fifth Dimension specializes in artificial intelligence. The start-up helps States to analyze their mass data and, thanks to them, to fight against terrorism. Officially, she wishes “unveil the hidden value in big data“. Internally, while the founders do not hide their proximity to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, among them, Guy Caspi even speaks “a weapon»Based on data.

Fifth Dimension has developed a tool for analyzing large volumes of data in real time (deep learning) through the use of artificial intelligence. The company can thus predict or detect “threats”. This is the scenario of the film Minority Report, where the policeman can predict a crime and see its perpetrator. This solution is suitable for each country security agency in order to “provide national security, defense and law enforcement services with predictive intelligence to prevent dangerous situations from developing»Specifies the start-up on its website. Today, she is also able to recognize the voice of an interlocutor, as long as her solution is connected to the right phone to spy on.

If it refuses to confirm the information, Fifth Dimension is indeed working with the main secret services in the world (CIA) to reduce the terrorist threat.

At its launch, Fifth Dimension would have received funding from the American venture capitalist Columbus Nova. The company is made up of a team of mathematicians and scientists. This R&D group has been recognized as one of the top five research groups in the field. The company is based in Tel Aviv but also has an office in New York.

Founders: Ariel Zamir, Eli David and Guy Caspi

Creation date : 2015

Fundraising : $ 6 million in February 2017

Seat : Tel Aviv

Workforce: One hundred

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