[FW Radar] Feeligo enriches content to appeal to Millennials

by bold-lichterman

Launched in January 2012 by Jonathan Levy-Bencheton and Davide Bonapersona, Feeligo specializes in creating rich media and native campaigns for brands. The start-up makes it possible to integrate original media content (Stickers, Gifs, Videos) into digital campaigns.

More details with Maxime Chanzy, Global Lead Marketing & Sales.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

maxim-chanzyMaxime Chanzy, Global Lead Marketing & Sales: Feeligo addresses the current problem of advertisers and messaging services: engaging millennials.

The 15-35 year olds who grew up with a smartphone are now impervious to traditional advertising (84% say they don’t like traditional advertising). On the other hand, they are sending more messages than ever before, and are looking for ways to express their emotions in their online conversations.

Feeligo enriches messaging with the world’s largest library of expressive content (emoji, stickers, gifs), and involves advertisers in a relevant and non-intrusive way.

What’s your value proposition?

For advertisers, we are the new conversational marketing solution: we support them in creating rich content and experiences to reach messaging users (Messenger, Snapchat, etc.).

For messaging applications, we offer access to the best rich media content on the web, and technology to enrich the user experience and generate income. Our strong point is the ability to understand users’ tastes and offer them the most relevant content at the best time.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our main users are millennials (15-35 years old). However, we reach all audiences from the youngest around 8 years old to the oldest in the 65s.

Today the world communicates more and more and more quickly with a growing need to express its emotions at every opportunity. Rich media content (emojis, stickers, GIFs, filters…) is an instant way to do it.

Users are also ready to create a buzz around their favorite brand by becoming the first ambassadors of this new content, provided that the brand knows how to adapt to their conversational and aesthetic codes.

Who are your competitors?

In 2014, we were the pioneers of rich media in Europe. Since then, new players have emerged but remain specialized in very specific sectors, so we remain the only ones to control the entire value chain: from content creation, to their distribution, to monetization.

What is your development plan?

Our technology today offers the best content on the web: from creations of renowned artists to the most fun animated GIFs. We are now deploying our expertise on new channels such as chatbots and video messaging.

Our technology has already won over several messaging leaders and our audience exceeds 600 million active users worldwide. We are working to further expand our network.

Following the opening of an office in New York in 2015, we now have partners in Europe, North America and increasingly in Asia.

What are your challenges?

The world of messaging is constantly evolving with the emergence of new modes of communication and uses. Among the latest innovations, AI and video are now ubiquitous. We must remain at the forefront of technological advances to support our customers and adapt to different markets. For example, we see a different speed of adoption between Europe and the United States.

Founders: Jonathan Levy-Bencheton and Davide Bonapersona

Creation date : january 2012

Fundraising : Around 2.5 million euros to date, including 1.5 million at the end of 2015 with Iris Capital

Seat : Paris

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