[FW Radar] Famileo facilitates communication between generations

by bold-lichterman

Famileo was created in October 2014 by Armel de Lesquen, Tanguy de Gélis and Thomas Guillaume. This application allows isolated elderly people to hear from their families. Each person can connect to the application to exchange messages. These are then printed in gazette format and sent by post. The offer starts from 4.99 euros.

More details with Armel de Lesquen, co-founder of Famileo.

FrenchWeb: What needs does Famileo meet?

Armel de LesquenArmel de Lesquen, co-founder of Famileo: New modern means of communication now allow everyone to communicate easily, quickly and inexpensively (social networks, E-mails, Skype, etc.)

They are used more and more by the younger generations who at the same time abandon traditional types of communication such as mail. However, dependent elderly people do not experience this technological change like others. In fact, whether for cultural or pathological reasons, the latter remain extremely constrained in the use of these new technologies and very often find themselves “disconnected” from their own families. Thus, exchanges between generations are becoming rarer, and the family bond recognized as one of the fundamental pillars of personal well-being is reduced.

What’s your value proposition?

Famileo, by combining a mobile application made up of a family social network and paper gazettes, makes it possible to revitalize the family bond around isolated seniors, while respecting everyone’s communication habits and constraints: smartphone for some, paper for others. other.

With the site and the app, the whole family can get together on a family wall, post messages and photos for everyone to see. On a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis, depending on the subscription, we publish all messages in the form of a paper gazette, sent directly by post to the senior’s home. The offer starts at 4.99 euros per month and per family.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We currently have over 12,000 users. These are mainly families wishing to surround their elderly relatives and revitalize the links between cousins. These are mainly children and grandchildren who write to their parents / grandparents.

Who are your competitors?

To date, we don’t really have any identified competitors offering the same service. However, start-ups like Pic In Touch or Familizz will probably change their offers to compete with us.

What is your development plan?

Initially, our tool was offered to families whose elderly people live in retirement homes. Today, it is evolving to offer a solution adapted to the elderly living at home. They thus receive the gazettes directly by post.

What are your challenges?

Our development plan consists of offering Famileo at home to as many families as possible in France and within a few months throughout Europe. We aim to recruit around ten additional people in 2017.

Founders: Armel de Lesquen, Tanguy de Gélis and Thomas Guillaume

Creation date : October 2014

Fundraising : one, from the Aquarelle.com group (amount not communicated)

Seat : Saint Malo

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