[FW Radar] Ermeo, the mobile application for technicians in the field

by bold-lichterman

Founded in February 2015 by Pierre Joly, Victor Payan and Christophe Joly, Ermeo is developing an application for technicians.

More details with Pierre Joly, co-founder of Ermeo.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

pierre-jolyPierre Joly, co-founder of Ermeo: Ermeo starts from a simple observation. In 2017, there are still technicians in the industry who have to handle manuals and fill out paper forms. What a waste of time and efficiency when you know the power of digital tools! Well exploited and applied to specific technical / industrial uses, dematerialization adapts industry to the present, even to the future. Thanks to a mobile application, technicians are connected: they receive the right information at the right time, and can send data from the field easily and instantly.

What is your value proposition?

Ermeo sees itself as the industry Zapier. The web platform that we have developed allows our customers to interconnect their different software. The data stored in this software is retrieved, processed on the platform, then transmitted to the field via the mobile application. This dynamic flow of information improves technicians’ productivity by more than 25%. A considerable saving of time, which gives them the possibility of carrying out tasks with higher added value. For our customers, Ermeo is a solution that increases tenfold the potential of the tools already in place since it is the linking of existing software that constitutes the real added value.

Who are the users of your solution?

All the technicians who work in the field daily are potential users. Currently, we are focusing our deployment in three industrial sectors: transport, energy and building maintenance with references such as SNCF, Thales, Total, Engie, EDF.

The objective of our customers is above all to improve their competitiveness. On the one hand, they enrich their databases by the automated feedback of field information. On the other hand, they disseminate the company’s knowledge internally and send technicians the information necessary for their operations. More precisely and more quickly informed, they are more efficient.

What is your development plan?

It seems to us both demanding and realistic on different levels.

– in terms of product / service: offer, by the end of 2017, 10 connectors to our catalog. These connectors will automatically integrate Ermeo’s platform into our customers’ IS.

– in terms of business growth: tripling the turnover for 2016! With several industrializations underway at large accounts, we can reasonably expect that we will achieve this objective.

– in terms of internationalization: To date, Ermeo is already present in 6 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The objective is to increase the expansion / deployment of Ermeo on these continents and to embark on the conquest of the United States.

What are your challenges?

They are of many kinds. From a business point of view, the challenge is to implement a real inbound marketing strategy to allow us to reduce our sales cycle and significantly increase the number of users. From a financial standpoint, we are preparing a significant fundraising to support the growth of the. With regard to human resources, our ambition is to recruit new talented people who are competent and ready to be part of the adventure! Whether they are business devs, marketers or developers, the same dynamic spirit drives our current employees, and we want to continue hiring with this in mind.

Who are your competitors?

Our customers use software to manage their equipment, documents and more generally their day-to-day activities. Some of our competitors offer solutions to bring mobility to a particular software but to make the link between the information of this software and send it to the field. The companies that come closest to what we do is Zapier, on the other hand their objective is to interconnect marketing and commercial SaaS software, not industrial software at all.

Founders: Pierre Joly, Victor Payan and Christophe Joly

Creation date : february 2015

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris