[FW Radar] Ergofip, the dream keyboard for gamers

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2012 by Olivier Pons and Franck Lagathu, theErgofip is a customizable keyboard with wishes. It allows everyone to configure repetitive tasks with one touch.

More details with Olivier Pons, co-founder and CTO of Ergofip.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

olivier-ponsOlivier Pons, co-founder and CTO of Ergofip: Many existing keyboards are based on principles of economy: not very pleasant to use, not ergonomic, not very responsive, not at all configurable, not very aesthetic and which do not last long. The only ones that met these expectations were either overpriced or only in English. Ergofip is the only keyboard in the world to meet all these demands, international, fully configurable (online configurator), ergonomic (two-part keyboard), 100% configurable, mechanical (key lifespan x 50 on average) , headphone jack, RGB which helps to visualize the keyboard configuration.

What’s your value proposition?

The keyboard is mechanical with the choice of the type of key (all gamers are concerned!). It is fully configurable, it will be unique for each person (we even choose the letters printed on the keys when ordering). You can do your macros (send a complete sentence with a key). It is entirely international. Everything is online: configuration of keys, macros and colors. The configuration is in the keyboard, change computer and everything will work as before, without programming anything!

Who are the users of your solution?

The people who will be interested are all those who want to be more efficient and faster, or who need an ergonomic keyboard, problem of RSI (repetitive strain injury) or handicap:

  • gamers: all professional gamers have a mechanical keyboard. Ours is mechanical but has more responsiveness, and has an incredibly longer life;
  • Professionals: Macros on the keyboard help enormously. For example, for sales representatives, it is possible to write the signature with a single key. For developers, just one touch to type “& nbsp;” or a prepared function. In addition, everything remains in the keyboard. Plug it elsewhere, and no need to re-configure it.
  • people with a certain type of handicap: Loreleï Dietrich, clinical psychologist, concerned by a problem can testify to the usefulness of such a keyboard. Its ergonomics help enormously.

Who are your competitors?

The infinity ergodox (Massdrop), the ergodox-ez and keyboard.io are the only competitors currently.

The Ergofip is the only RGB, which, moreover, uses the lighting to display its current configuration, the only 100% international: the configurator is very easy to use, it does not require any assembly (some require soldering to finish the keyboard), the only one with 8 keys per inch, 8 × 2 additional possibilities and finally the only keyboard in the world where you can, when ordering, choose what will be printed on the keys.

What is your development plan?

For the second half of 2017, we expect the keyboard to be released into mass production. The configurator is online, everything is already accessible if you want to test it.

At the start of 2018, we plan to create two new types of keyboards (it’s too early to talk about it but they are already in the bins).

The keyboard, as well as the configurator, are already 100% international. Regarding sales, Franck Lagathu is the global / international sales and communication director and will be in charge of developing the product in all countries.

What are your challenges?

This type of keyboard concerns a niche sector that is growing day by day: mechanical keyboard, ergonomic, RGB and easily configurable. The market, in other words its target, is very wide: geeks in general, gamers, web developers, people with a certain type of handicap…

Business is global. There are only three competitors on the market, we are the only ones to have certain advantages: international configuration, keyboard in two / 8 keys per inch, RGB lights fully – and easily – configurable. We are in the process of negotiating partnerships with several companies, including one of the largest retailers of hardware for geeks in the United States and one of the largest gaming companies in the world.

A minimum of keyboard must be pre-sold to be able to invest in industrialization: from 100 presales we can launch the industrialization of the keyboard. This will only be the beginning, we are planning sales that will allow us to hire.

Currently there are three of us (a Web project manager, an electronics engineer, a sales manager), and the sales volume will allow us to hire a full-time “field” salesperson to help us sell and promote the keyboard, a Web developer and a specialist in ergonomics.

Founders: Olivier Pons and Franck Lagathu

Creation date : 2012

Fundraising : none, but crowdfunding page created

Seat : French Riviera

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