[FW Radar] DOYOUNO, the app to find the best pros and craftsmen near you

by bold-lichterman

Laurant Weill and Anne-Laure Enjolras worked in the same company for several years. The project DOYOUNO was born following a scam orchestrated by a locksmith of which Anne-Laure fell victim. Laurant immediately joined the DOYOUNO project, the application that includes videoconferencing to find the best pros and craftsmen!

More details with Anne-Laure Enjolras, co-founder of DOYOUNO:

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Today, you can find the best restaurants, hotels, manicures, etc., in a few clicks, but finding a good craftsman is a challenge! Especially in big cities where word of mouth no longer exists.

DOYOUNO’s mission is clear and universal: to put an end to scams by highlighting the best craftsmen and professionals (plumbers, dentists, vets, computer repairers, etc.), thanks to the opinions of the community.

What is your value proposition?

The services offered by DOYOUNO are innovative and unique on the market, in particular the new VIDEOconsult feature for advice, quotes and remote problem solving which makes it possible to respond immediately to many problems of daily life.

DOYOUNO offers a reliable, fast, practical and economical repair service, which will limit travel in large cities and provide solutions to people isolated in the countryside.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our users are all the people who ask themselves the following questions: “Do you know a good plumber? “Do you know an honest locksmith?” “Do you know someone who can fix my wifi right away?” “. Our community of users allows us to highlight the most reliable, efficient and cheapest craftsmen. And the reviews left help a lot in decision-making, especially since they are verified by our team of moderators.

What is your development plan?

We have just launched the video consultation which we believe a lot. This is a big feature that we need to monitor closely in the coming months. The next step will be to integrate the reservation and payment of services within the application.

We already have 90,000 users without having started advertising, and we want to exceed 250,000 users in France this year.

We plan to attack the international market at the end of the year, once our business model has been well confirmed in France.

What are your challenges?

Pursue our rapid growth while maintaining the quality of service and the mission that drives us.

Successfully launching VIDEOConsult, demonstrating that this disruptive innovation is an effective solution: saving time, money, environmental impact, stress-free, etc.

And of course achieve our turnover objectives and succeed in our first fundraising!

FW Radar DOYOUNO the app to find the best pros

Who are your competitors?

We don’t really have any direct competitors, there are classifieds, quotes, and other apps that will choose the Pros for you based on your needs.

But if you are looking for a good professional near you, there is only DOYOUNO who meets this need. We list the best Pros based on community reviews. And Pros can’t pay to be featured!

The repair of problems remotely through video consultation is a unique and ultra-innovative service that also allows us to distinguish ourselves.

Who is the entrepreneur who inspires you? Why?

Influencers in general. They are young, do not necessarily have a diploma, and have been able to create a business that is growing more and more. They don’t necessarily have a good speech and spelling is not their priority, but they get started, are natural, and inspire millions of followers.

The 5 applications that are essential for you and why:

  • Toogoodtogo : because I don’t have time to cook and can take great meals at half the price and feel like I’m doing a good deed
  • Blinkist : because I can listen to audio summaries of very inspiring books for entrepreneurs that I would never have had time to read otherwise
  • Slack : because it’s the team’s umbilical cord that is scattered around the world
  • Mapstr : because knowing that I can find ALL the good restaurant / café / bar plans I hear about reassures me, I’m a bit of a victim of fomo.
  • Tricount : because doing the accounts when you go on weekends with family or friends is a hassle.

The 5 tech events you absolutely must attend and why:

Participating in “tech” shows allows us to keep ourselves informed of tech news and to make ourselves known. And meeting entrepreneurs and discussing each other’s issues allows us to move forward much faster.

Vivatech – CES – Web summit

A start-up for us to discover?

Proprioo! In my opinion, this is the best illustration of the changes taking place: the crowding out of services that take clients hostage and abuse their position. Proprioo offers you to sell your property for a fixed price of 2000 € by digitizing the process as much as possible.

Key data:

  • Founders: Anne-Laure Enjolras, Laurant Weill
  • Creation date : November 2016
  • Fundraising : We have seeded with private investors, friends and family for an amount of € 450,000, and we are preparing our first fundraising.
  • Seat : Paris 3rd and New York