[FW Radar] dokBody, the doctor referral app

by bold-lichterman

The application dokBody was created by Laurène Corbière, Jean-Benoist Werth and Brice Martinet in December 2015. It makes it possible to seek and find a doctor. It is also possible to rate this professional.

More details with Laurène Corbière, founder of dokBody.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Laurène Corbière, founder of dokBody: dokBody is a recommendation and sharing application for doctors, pharmacies and healthcare centers that allows patients to find the right healthcare professional for them free of charge, based on the recommendations and opinions left by the community at the end of the consultation.

What’s your value proposition?

Today, there are many players in online medical appointment making, but before making a doctor’s appointment, it is still necessary to know with whom we are going to make an appointment. For a few years now, we have been used to checking the Internet for reviews when going to restaurants, hotels, or for our next vacation. There was nothing like it in health except unreliable sites, and yet what is more important than our health?

We wanted to develop a complete and trusted application (servers approved by the Ministry of Health, compliance with the most drastic AFNOR standard in terms of certification of online reviews), so that dokBody becomes the first health reflex to adopt before to start their treatment journey.

Who are the users of your solution?

The application is aimed at all French patients. In fact, we are all potential patients. The French go on average 7 times a year to the doctor. We all have a general practitioner, an ophthalmologist, a gynecologist, a pediatrician… to recommend or not!

More than 54% of French people find their doctor at random or on the Internet. Now with our app, French people can find their doctor through digital word-of-mouth.

We have developed several features in the application in order to encourage the community to multiply its uses: search for a doctor by geolocation, search for information and opinions left on a doctor, appointment booking, health record , favorite practitioners, social network of patients … everything always in your pocket.


Who are your competitors?

Referral services from healthcare professionals are still quite rare in France, as it is a highly regulated market. Doctoralia is an identified player in Europe, but does not comply with drastic French regulations. They are logically located in Spain.

Hospitalidée is one of the first services to stand out in France. They started with recommendations from hospitals and health centers, where we offer with dokBody all the doctors in France.

NoteTonDoc is a website, while dokBody is a mobile application. And dokBody is also comprehensive with more than 400,000 healthcare professionals and a role model in terms of safety and trust.

What is your development plan?

Currently, we have more than 400,000 healthcare professionals referenced in 45 specialties. We aggregate our database on a daily basis and integrate new specialties, particularly in alternative medicine, because there too often we need recommendations in this area.

We are in the process of developing new features such as online appointment booking or personalized matching to offer more qualified results in your research (doctor who accepts new patients, pro-vaccine, homeopathy, spoken languages, etc. etc.).

Yes! We have many requests, particularly in Belgium, Switzerland, Lebanon and Canada. The advantage is that our international development potential can be very fast, since we do not require numerous human resources to develop ourselves. Once the data has been acquired (doctors) and the regulatory framework validated, we are instantly able to open a country.

What are your challenges?

In just a few months, we have already greatly exceeded our growth targets. We have reached more than 20,000 downloads in 5 months, we have nearly 100 new members per day and these are all recommendations posted on our application.

The referral market for healthcare professionals is still new in France.

As I said above, before making an appointment, it is still necessary to know with whom. We therefore plan to quickly integrate online appointment booking into the heart of our application by bringing us closer to existing players in this market. And the next logical step is the integration of payment directly from the application, with deduction of reimbursements from Social Security and mutual funds. A sort of third party payment in a way. No need to worry about payment when you go to the doctor! Everything will be done directly from your smartphone.

At this stage of our development the whole service is free, for the patient, as for the doctor. We are considering several business model scenarios, but for the time being, we must focus on reaching our critical mass (users and usage).

In view of the various developments that we are planning over the coming months, we plan to recruit around fifteen people by the end of the year.

In addition, we have a dedicated team invested in quality control and the authenticity of reviews. The more the recommendations increase, the more we will have to develop this team!

Founders: Laurène Corbière, Jean-Benoist Werth and Brice Martinet

Creation date : December 2015, application released in 2016

Fundraising : In progress

Seat : Paris

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