[FW Radar] DocForYou, the sculpin that personalizes medical information available on the Internet

by bold-lichterman

Launched in 2012 by Jean-Marie Castellucci, DocForYou has set up a medical chatbot. You can ask all kinds of questions before you go to a medical appointment.

More details with Jean-Marie Castellucci, founder and CEO of DocForYou.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

jean-marie-castellucciJean-Marie Castellucci, founder and CEO of DocForYou: Who has never been afraid by going to seek health information on the Internet?

Health information is of poor quality because patients get information by typing a few key words on Google and bounce back on health forums. They then appropriate the stories of others which are often frightening and not adapted to their condition.

On the other hand, a large number of medical consultations would be avoidable if the information was of good quality.

Healthcare spending is a public health issue in France and around the world and digital tools have a real role to play.

What’s your value proposition?

It was by noting the problem in my daily practice as a specialist in general medicine that I had the idea of ​​creating DocForYou. A solution that would provide health information in a personalized and interactive way.

We have therefore developed an algorithm that reproduces medical reasoning in order to analyze the symptoms and suggest the most probable disease.

Thanks to our apps and most recently our available chatbot messenger, we are analyzing the symptoms. We ask questions like a doctor would during a consultation. Depending on the answers given, we look for the most discriminating question to allow us to evoke a disease. This is not a simple flowchart, it is an advanced technology resulting from several years of R&D and which thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence will gradually improve.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our users do not have a specific profile because everyone can be affected by health problems. Of course, because of the technologies we use, the average age is more around 25-55 years with a small predominance of women.

Their request is to obtain qualified health information, in a rapid, interactive way in order to better prepare their consultations with the doctor or to avoid having to go there if it is only a question of obtaining a advice. Our users are therefore patients keen on information in search of modernity in a world where the digital transformation of health has not yet operated.

Who are your competitors?

Google of course! Babylon, webMd.

We stand out because we analyze the symptoms in depth and we really get wet on possible disease. Most competitors only offer a catalog of probable diseases related to an area, which in the end gives very little information. On the business side, we can really adapt to the demands of our customers, to provide a tailor-made offer.

What is your development plan?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the heart of our project. We are working hard to offer an ever more innovative and disruptive product.

Our chatbot will in future try to be able to answer any advice-oriented question. Example: Am I allowed to eat this food if I have diabetes? Can I take this medicine if I am pregnant? etc. We therefore want to add a prevention component to our service.

We are entering a new phase of our development which until now was focused on the product. But we are about to begin our monetization strategy with a new Series A fundraiser.

Internationalization is of course in our objective even if we do not want to skip steps and consolidate the French market initially.

What are your challenges?

We want to become a key player in e-health. We offer our B2B services to insurers and mutuals looking for modernity and innovation.

The digital transformation of the sector is rapidly expanding and we want to draw its contours.

We offer our customers the opportunity to retain their policyholders but also to recruit new ones. On the other hand, we allow them to save on health expenses, which on a large group scale is considerable.

We can adapt to their demand and provide them with a tailor-made product thanks to our medical and technical expertise.

Finally, we allow them to improve their brand image by offering their customers products at the cutting edge of innovation.

Financially, we want to develop our client portfolio in order to reach a breakeven point in the next 5 years.

On the HR side, creating jobs is an integral part of our project and is of course conditioned by our results.

Founder: Jean-Marie Castellucci

Creation date : 2012

Fundraising : 200,000 euros with Olivier David (Mouvéo) and François Larvor (Inventuz)

Seat : Paris

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