[FW Radar] Dial Once wants to digitize telephone communications

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2015 by Charles Dunston, Julien Kernec’h and Benoit Bouffard, Dial Once is a platform that brings together all communication channels.

More details with Charles Dunston, Founder and CEO of Dial Once.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

charles-dunsonCharles Dunston, Founder and CEO of Dial Once: Used in all sectors of activity (banking, insurance, energy, etc.), the Dial Once solution is part of the new uses of customer relations and is aimed more particularly at companies receiving a lot of calls. They use Dial Once to improve the customer experience, promote their digital content and channels and reduce their call management costs.

What’s your value proposition?

Dial-Once offers an intelligent contact platform that allows the user to navigate on a digital interface rather than on a traditional IVR (voice server). In just a few clicks, the user can complete an independent journey in order to find his answer, use another channel made available by the company (email, chatbot, SMS, etc.) or be put in direct contact with the right skill. Unique, intuitive and powerful, our value proposition has convinced more than 35 clients, mostly Key Accounts, over the past 18 months.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We respond to three current challenges: user experience, digital transformation and optimization of call management costs. When a customer wishes to contact the customer service of a company, he still often comes across the famous traditional IVR (“Type 1…, Type 2…”) which directs him to a telephone skill. Our solution offers an incomparable route since it directs the call to a “visual” digital interface offering an optimized customer journey using all the company’s digital and telephone tools.

Who are your competitors?

We have not identified any to date. They might be hiding in a garage in Palo Alto, who knows?

By offering our intelligent contact platform, we are positioning ourselves as a complement to current IVR solutions and digital solutions such as chatbots, dynamic FAQs, etc.

What is your development plan?

We have planned a “Land and Expand” growth strategy which revolves around three poles:

  • Sales channels (partners, resellers and direct) for international expansion,

  • Industrial sectors (as soon as a reference is signed in an industrial sector and a geography, we get closer to other players in the same industry),

  • Within customers (we extend the Dial-Once solution to other subsidiaries / internal numbers).

What are your challenges?

In order to be able to guarantee the scale-up and internalization of the company, it is necessary to invest in the infrastructure, the capacity to take charge of new customers and to lead international marketing / sales teams. A second fundraising campaign is underway to meet these future needs.

Founders: Charles Dunston, Julien Kernec’h and Benoit Bouffard

Creation date : 2015

Fundraising : 2 million euros at the start of 2016 with Ventech, BGV and numerous BAs

Seat : Paris