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by bold-lichterman

Founded in April 2016 by Pierre-Antoine Roy and Guillaume Giudicelli, Crafty is a platform that connects the best tech profiles of companies with start-ups.

More details with Guillaume Giudicelli, co-founder of Crafty.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Guillaume-GiudicelliGuillaume Giudicelli, co-founder of Crafty: All companies have the same problem today, it has become very difficult to recruit, motivate and keep the best tech talents (developers, data scientists, UI and UX designers, Scrum Masters…). Most are already in post and are not available while the turnover tech teams explode. And this affects growing start-ups as well as large groups. When we know that their main drivers are their desire to always progress, to learn continuously and to discover and test new tools, we can clearly see that there is a conflict with the fact of staying for a long time in the same position within ‘one organization.

Our thesis is that it is above all a lack of available resources on the market that triggers these difficulties and this war of talents. Rather than all fighting to recruit the same people, who are in fact extremely in demand, we are simply applying the collaborative economy model to the world of IT services.

What’s your value proposition?

Crafty is a platform for the exchange of tech skills between companies (start-ups, large groups and SMEs) according to the needs and availability of each. Companies that wish to provide their employees with tech teams through our service, and we offer them specific projects in other structures. We pay the company which delegates its resources and which keeps control of the whole process. The aim is for the project to be beneficial to everyone: the “lender” company, the client and the employee. The projects are ultra-flexible. They can last a day for the shortest to 6 months full-time for the longest. Most often the missions are split (1 to 2 days / week for 1 year). There is no recruitment possible at the end of the mission.

Who are the users of your solution?

The companies that delegate their tech resources to us do so for several reasons, in all cases to improve the retention of their tech talents, sometimes to manage their low levels of activity and more rarely to optimize their payroll. We can also note the use case of digital transformation. We offer employees of large groups the opportunity to participate in start-up projects so that they understand and can implement the mindset, the methodologies and tools that we use every day in start-ups.

Our customers call on us because we have access to a pool ultra-qualified, ultra-flexible skills that do not exist elsewhere. We are very relevant to niche needs where there is a shortage of resources (ReactJS development, AngularJS, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, iOS, Data Scientists …)

Through us, tech talents have the opportunity to face different environments, learn by being active, meet other teams and participate in projects that change their daily lives.

Who are your competitors?

We are in competition with several ESNs and freelancers in our market.

Closer to our model, we know several structures such as Oscarh, Apitalents or Jobdeal. Our specificity is that we only focus on tech resources whereas these other platforms are more general.

What is your development plan?

Our service is live and we already achieve 250,000 euros in turnover. We are constantly improving our product and our efforts today are mainly focused on the industrialization of our back office. Our market being B2B, our acquisition process is still manual.

Our short-term challenge is to properly integrate the first large groups into our flow because they considerably increase the number of resources available on the platform. We are in the process of recruiting several Account Managers Associates to support this growth.

We signed a project in London and another in San Francisco (in both cases by opportunity, being on site thanks to a trip organized by our incubator). We could sense an interest in these markets. But let’s be clear, we are already trying to gain market share in France before thinking abroad.

What are your challenges?

We are tackling the IT service provision market, which weighs around 52 billion euros (source: Syntec Numérique) in France and which has not changed for more than 20 years. It is concentrated around three types of actors: ESNs, Development agencies and Freelancers. We want to integrate more and more companies on our platform to develop these virtuous exchanges.

Fundraising is underway to enable us to accelerate our development. We are aiming for a turnover of 500,000 euros for our first year, knowing that we have already achieved half of it after 8 months.

We are recruiting Account Managers Associates whose missions will be mainly to organize exchanges between companies and participate in business development.

Founders: Pierre-Antoine Roy and Guillaume Giudicelli

Creation date : April 21, 2016

Fundraising : In progress

Seat : Paris

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