[FW Radar] CharLi Charger keeps mobile phone batteries charged all day

by bold-lichterman

Created in November 2014 by Mikael Bes and Jean-Baptiste Antonini, CharLi Charger is a start-up providing recharging terminals for companies.

More details with Mikael Bes, co-founder and CEO of CharLi Charger.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

mikael-besMikael Bes, co-founder and CEO: CharLi is a local service to offer in order to communicate in an innovative way with your visitors / employees while allowing them to recharge their smartphones, tablets and connected objects. CharLi responds to a very current issue: 66% of the population is nomophobic (No mobile phobia) and can no longer bear to be deprived of his phone. A TNS Sofres poll recently indicated that 15/30 year olds lack battery power from 1 p.m. Indeed at the time of live tweets, facebook lives and other Instagram storys, smartphones are more and more used but also energy intensive.

Through this feature, CharLi attracts and captivates its users, giving the opportunity to advertisers to communicate with them.

What’s your value proposition?

We are creating a new quality exchange between consumers and brands. We are the 2.0 communication solution for businesses.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We address ourselves to everyone and to all the places where we have to wait (voluntarily or not). This means that our users are found in doctor’s waiting rooms, hairdressers, car dealerships, distribution signs, on the train and of course in meeting rooms.

Our customers are looking for an innovative and efficient communication medium that allows them to offer, at the same time, a new service to their customers / employees.

Our users are looking for a simple and accessible recharging solution wherever they go. Our tool is very practical because it works on a rechargeable battery and has all the recharging connections. Users no longer need to carry their cables with them and search for available outlets. It is positioned in front of them, allowing them to remain reachable and to use their smartphone. The tool is also a creator of meetings, allowing 6 people to recharge simultaneously.

Who are your competitors?

We don’t really have any direct competitors. There are several recharging solutions (lockers, towers, power banks, etc.) but none goes beyond the recharging aspect. They charge smartphones like a multi socket would and do not deal with the communication aspect at all.

What is your development plan?

Our start-up is characterized by its philosophy: we develop our own funds. We grow thanks to our profitability, which allows us to be virtuous. Since our inception, we have sold over 2,200 CharLi, and experienced triple-digit growth. In 2017, we continue to develop thanks to our economic model based on sales and event rental. But we are going to go much further.

Our goal is to transform the world of digital advertising communication! CharLi will optionally integrate an ultra-flat 5-inch HD color screen. It will then become a real tactical media tool. This innovation will allow us to diversify our income and develop a new activity as a media agency.

We are also growing abroad and we are expanding in Europe in the following countries: Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, England, the Netherlands.

What are your challenges?

As a young start-up not wishing to raise funds, we encounter many challenges:

  • market: The most seen start-ups in the media are generally those that raise multiple funds. So we had to do hard work to bring CharLi into the field and establish ourselves as a leader. Today, we have obtained the confidence of large groups such as SNCF, EDF, Air France and Banque Palatine, as well as numerous independent establishments which are today true ambassadors.
  • business: Since our first kick-off meeting, our goals and the strategy to get there were clear. Offer companies an innovative and friendly communication medium allowing a call to action optimized; and make it easy for consumers to solve their battery problems. We are dealing with large companies like JC Decaux and Ellis which have a very large display fleet. Our goal is to challenge them with our screen, a mobile communication solution that captivates its audience. For the launch of this component, we will have to push the walls of our office because we are in the recruitment phase to set up our media agency.
  • financial By being in equity, each euro spent is considered and we attach great importance to the ROI of each expense. 1 euro must earn at least 2.
  • HR: The financial inevitably has an impact on HR, and we recruit little but each team member is essential to the start-up. Everyone is an expert in their field, with real added value to bring our start-up to excellence. Thus, we regularly invite team members to speak on subjects related to this expertise in order to share their experiences.

Founders: Mikael Bes and Jean-Baptiste Antonini

Creation date : November 26, 2014

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

Capital: 8000 euros

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