[FW Radar CES] InspEar Active, connected headphones that follow your finger and your voice

by bold-lichterman

InspEar was founded by Laurent Capellari, Gwenolé Nexer, Ricardo Allamelou and Ludovic Guibert in April 2014. The start-up created InspEar Active, connected headphones. These make it possible to attenuate sounds or amplify them, to control a smartphone with the voice. More details with Laurent Capellari, CEO of InspEar.

FrenchWeb: What problem does InspEar solve?

Laurent-CapellariLaurent Capellari, CEO of InspEar: The ear is a wonderful organ for hearing the music that we appreciate, the voice is perfect for communicating with those who are dear to us …

But in reality, our ear is not able to distinguish good from bad, to suppress what it does not want to hear, to select sounds more than others. In addition, the voice does not make it possible to interrogate the Web while walking and to receive the answers in all discretion directly in the ear to pilot the world.

With InspEar Active, we can hear just what we want and allow our voice to control our smartphone in particular.

What’s your value proposition?

Our headset was designed to revolutionize hearing and communication. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, it is entirely tailor-made and transforms your ear into a bionic ear which becomes a real intelligent platform with possibilities for listening and interaction never offered before.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The headset is in a way the Google Glass of the ear for demanding individuals who want to control their environment but not only that.

For example, you will be able to control your connected objects (Web search, personal assistant, instant translation) simply by voice, control your audio environment and protect yourself from loud noises or even enjoy immersive music.

Businesswoman Using Mobile Phone On Busy Commuter Train

What sets you apart from your competition?

For an audio earpiece or headset to bring the best of technology, we must not forget the most important: perfect comfort. And this is only possible with custom made headphones.

Today, the main players in the market favor technology to the detriment of this element.

Comfort at home is part of our DNA. We are a start-up of the Cotral Group which is the world No. 1 in the manufacture of tailor-made tips, we have been working on comfort for 25 years.

What is your development plan?

We opened an office in Miami in 2014 and continue our research and investment to perfect the functionality, which is at the convergence of several technologies: connected music, augmented hearing, intelligent noise protection, voice web search and mobile and the control of connected objects directly by voice.

What are your challenges?

Make sure that when the right product is delivered and the product promise is in line with reality. Imagine the right distribution networks and make the most of them to offer the best user experience. Ultimately, to have customers who are satisfied with their headset!

Founders: Laurent Capellari, Gwenolé Nexer, Ricardo Allamelou and Ludovic Guibert

Creation date : 2014

Fundraising : 400,000 euros with the COTRAL Group

Seat : Condé-sur-Noireau (Caen)

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