[FW Radar CES] FeetMe, the smart insole for athletes and healthcare professionals

by bold-lichterman

FeetMe was created by three friends Alexis Mathieu, Maximilien Fournier and Andrey Mostovov on October 10, 2013. The start-up markets connected insoles. They allow performance to be measured and injury to be avoided.

Several soles are available. They are either intended for health professionals or for athletes or people with diabetes. Each sole is linked to software. It is on the latter that all the information collected is gathered.

More details with Alexis Mathieu, co-founder and CEO of Feetme.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

alexis-mathieuAlexis Mathieu, co-founder and CEO of Feetme: More and more people are starting to run. But the risk of injury is very high. It is estimated that 75% of runners will one day get injured mainly due to poor technique control and fatigue. FeetMe Sport offers a personalized coaching service that is there to support the runner in his progress little by little to allow him to get the best of himself while avoiding the risk of injury.

What’s your value proposition?

We offer a connected object that analyzes all the parameters of the race and offer personalized training programs based on the analyzes carried out.

We’ve created a connected sole that measures stride efficiency in real time. After each session our artificial intelligence adapts your training program according to your technique and your physiology thanks to the metrics collected. With us you can monitor and evaluate: real-time power measurement, stride analysis, smart workout programs and tips, technique metrics.


Who are the users of your solution?

We are targeting regular runners with or without a trainer who wish to give themselves tools to help them progress to a more efficient stride thanks to a detailed analysis of their technique. Personalized exercises allow you to identify and reinforce your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses. They are regular runners who seek the tool to help them improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury from a monitoring end of their preparation. The service will be used at each session to monitor the evolution and progression of performance parameters. We are also targeting long-distance runners who seek to monitor and better measure their effort and technique while running.

Who are your competitors?

In the world of sports we have two main competitors Lumo Run and Stryd. FeetMe Sport is distinguished by a breakthrough technology allowing it to have absolute measurements and the construction of personalized programs based on the analysis of technical weaknesses in the race. We also set ourselves apart from our competitors thanks to the company’s health history, which has enabled it to develop quality products.

What is your development plan?

Our technology is a platform that will be enriched with new analyzes to allow runners to go even further thanks to the multitude of metrics reported by the connected sole. Ultimately, we will expand our offering to other sports where technique and control of downforce are essential to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

At the same time, the company will develop the activities of the historical health branch by targeting new pathologies. The FeetMe Sport branch will focus on 2017 on running before reaching new, as yet undisclosed applications.

The product has an international vocation. We remind you that Americans are very regular runners.

What are your challenges?

After a first access to health, we are going to expand our field of action with the FeetMe Sport branch. FeetMe will therefore seek to surround itself with partners to speed up market access.

As with market access, we seek to build partnerships to register our know-how in existing ecosystems.

Like any business hardware in launching, we have issues of financing BFR.

We want to develop products with significant technological challenges that require teams with unique know-how.

Founders: Alexis Mathieu, Maximilien Fournier and Andrey Mostovov

Creation date : October 10, 2013

Fundraising : SOS Ventures (confidential amount)

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