[FW Radar CES] 42tea, to drink IoTea at the right temperature

by bold-lichterman

Created by Lionel Heymans, 42tea allows you to consume tea the right way. The start-up has launched an application and a small cube to put in the water while it heats up.

On the application, all you have to do is specify the name of the tea and the number of people who wish to drink it. The tool thus gives the right dosage of water to put in the kettle. Then, you have to immerse the cube in it so that the application warns when the water is at the right temperature.

More details with Lionel Heymans, founder of 42tea.

FrenchWeb: What problem does 42tea solve?

Lionel-heymansLionel Heymans, founder of 42tea: Everyone knows that tea is good for your health, but many don’t drink it because they don’t like the taste. And they are right. The majority of consumers unknowingly drink a failed tea. Preparing this drink is a bit more complicated than boiling water and pouring it over a sachet. To reveal all the richness of a tea, it is crucial to perfectly control all the parameters of the infusion (dosage, water, temperature and infusion time).

We thought of the 90% of consumers who believe they have already missed their tea, the incomparable pleasure of a successful cup. This is why we have developed a device that allows you to have a successful tea every time and thus enjoy each cup.

What’s your value proposition?

Thanks to our smart cube (IoTea) connected to an app, we turn every cup of tea into a delicious moment. This wizard guides you through the preparation steps (tea / water dosage, temperature and infusion time) with unique, personalized advice, thanks to an algorithm that adjusts the preparation parameters to your taste and even advises you on varieties that you should like!

What are your users looking for?

At the moment, our users are mostly people already knowledgeable about the intricacies of tea preparation. They know you have to be precise every step of the way. They perceive the ease of use, without really changing their habits and the benefit it provides to their taste buds. We want to expand our audience by reaching out to lovers of good taste, lovers of the kitchen in search of subtle and diverse flavors.

Who are your competitors?

If we approach the competition through our assistant, our competitors are automatic teapots and also capsule machines. We distinguish ourselves by the price of our product (IoTea starts at 48 euros when a smart teapot is around 319 euros or 99 euros for a capsule machine) but also by the quantity of preparations available. Indeed, we can now make you pass several thousand tea references, when the best automatic kettle lets you choose from 24 preparations. Compared to capsule machines and their closed system (obligatory brand capsule and little tea available), we offer the possibility of using all the references of loose teas. In addition, we are the only ones to offer a personalized experience, where we adapt the preparation according to the tastes of the consumer. If we add the fact that IoTea is small, light, it is therefore mobile and can be used anywhere, when you want to enjoy a good tea.

What is your development plan?

In terms of development, we deliver orders made during our Kickstarter campaign, which enabled us to adjust the manufacturing process before massive industrialization. When we return from CES we will refine our algorithm, and start developing the next product. Moreover, we will have to expand our team to face these challenges. In February we open our business unit in San Francisco and if all goes as we hope we should be listed in April in a chain of department stores in Japan.

What are your challenges?

We are straddling two markets: that of PEM (small household appliances) via our connected object, and that of tea, which is our main source of income. Our difficulty is to move forward on the two aspects which for us are inseparable but which in terms of communication do not correspond to the same codes. From a financial point of view, our challenge at the moment is to prepare our opening of capital as late as possible to have a real start in our markets in order to be valued on an attraction rather than an idea.

Founder: Lionel heymans

Creation date : October 1, 2015

Fundraising : no