[FW Radar] Boxia, the online platform for e-merchants to track their deliveries in real time

by bold-lichterman

Ivann Kumagangue and Stephen Zana founded in 2016, Boxia, a platform that analyzes shipped packages in real time, notifies customers at each stage of delivery and alerts in the event of a problem.

More details with Ivann Kumagangue, co-founder of Boxia :

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

E-merchants invest a lot in customer acquisition but the main reason why they lose customers is delivery (delay, undelivered parcel, damaged parcel, etc.) when they are not responsible for these problems !

In e-commerce, delivery is today the only step that is still left to chance in terms of customer experience. With Boxia, we help e-merchants to fully master the delivery experience of their customers.

What is your value proposition?

Boxia is an online platform that allows any e-merchant to monitor all of their deliveries in real time, proactively notify their customers through personalized delivery notifications, and be automatically alerted in the event of a delivery problem.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our technology is intended for e-merchants who want to regain control over the delivery experience of their customers.

They seek to offer a reassuring and differentiating customer experience, from purchase to delivery. They thus set themselves apart from the competition and strengthen their brand image with their customers!

With Boxia, they reassure their customers throughout the delivery thanks to their proactive and personalized notifications, and reduce calls and emails to their after-sales service by 40%.

What is your development plan?

Our ambition is to allow as many e-merchants as possible to finally offer their customers a reassuring and personalized post-purchase experience: our objective is therefore to increase our partnerships with e-merchants.

In addition, we continue to develop new functionalities to meet ever more precisely the needs of e-commerce sites and online buyers!

What are your challenges?

Our main challenge over the coming months is to support as many e-merchants as possible in improving their customers’ purchasing experience and to provide them with our expertise in using delivery as a lever for customer loyalty. .

Who are your competitors?

Some carriers send messages by email when picking up a package. But, with Boxia, e-merchants go further because they have full control over the notifications sent: they speak for themselves, with their tone and their visual identity. Customers bought from a brand… not from a carrier!

With Boxia, online sellers can centrally track all of their orders shipped on a single interface: in the blink of an eye, they know where their packages are, which orders are being delivered and which are not yet. .

Who is the entrepreneur who inspires you? Why?

Richard Branson for his resilience and constant enthusiasm!

The 5 applications that are essential for you and why:

  • Evernote for note taking is great!

  • Pocket to save articles to read later!

  • Citymapper for traveling by public transport, it’s very practical!

  • Shazam to find out what music is playing!

  • Spotify obviously, to listen to music!

Key data:

  • Founders: Ivann Kumagangue and Stephen Zana
  • Creation date : 2016

FW Radar Boxia the online platform for e merchants to track

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