[FW Radar] Boost-inn wants to digitize hotel management

by bold-lichterman

Founded in November 2016 by Olivier Sivriere and Bahadour Moussa, Boost-inn is a platform for hoteliers. It allows them to more easily manage information about their customers.

More details with Bahadour Moussa, co-founder and Managing Director at Boost-inn.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

bahadour-moussaBahadour Moussa, co-founder and Managing Director at Boost-inn: Boost-inn is presented as a hub with several modular cloud bricks sold in SaaS. We offer a single, simple and ergonomic interface that connects to the entire hotel ecosystem, which allows the modern hotelier to have an overview of his customer data, to compare them dynamically and to view them on personalized dashboards.

We allow the hotel manager to manage all his operational tasks on a single interface and to concentrate on his core business: welcoming customers. We also use algorithms for deep learning to analyze public and behavioral information and offer hoteliers personalized communication solutions with their customers.

Our mission is to provide hoteliers with the right tools to better understand their clients’ needs and to communicate with them more effectively rather than letting OTAs (Online Travel Agents) dictate digital interaction with clients.

What’s your value proposition?

The architecture of our platform makes it possible to decentralize the Property Management System (PMS) and to aggregate data on an agnostic basis, which allows greater flexibility in the processing of information and opens up new fields of action for hoteliers.

We combine CRM, BI / Analytics and Booking and Self Check-in solutions all in one easy-to-use interface. We allow hoteliers to re-appropriate their digital assets to better compete with OTAs (Booking, Expedia) and new players like AirBnB.

Who are the users of your solution?

Our core target are non-franchised multi-property hotels, independent hotel groups and individual hotels. These players are all looking for simpler tools that are better suited to their needs, but above all solutions that meet their customers’ modes of communication and consumption (mobile, cloud, snapshots, connected to social networks).

The hotel ecosystem has a strong culture hardware and even mainframe while our customers want easy to use and intuitive iOS and Android cloud applications without sacrificing the connectivity at the heart of their legacy system.

Our solutions are used by hotel management, marketing, reservations and operational teams to interact with hotel guests before, during and after their stay and to create tailor-made experiences.

Who are your competitors?

Guestfolio and Guestware on the CRM and Snapshot on the BI. These companies respond to very specific problems and do not go beyond their field of expertise. Due to its complex ecosystem, the hotelier needs much broader tools that are still easy to use.

In addition, we go much further in the tools and solutions for communication between the hotelier and his clients. We have a clear impact on the hotel but also on hotel guests and therefore the consumer. In addition, we are very advanced in discussions with IBM Watson for the development of a hotel chatbot based on artificial intelligence. We also have a good idea of ​​what blockchain technology will bring to our customers’ loyalty programs.

In summary, we are part of a hoteltech logic as a whole and not only to respond to one or two issues.

What is your development plan?

The product has proven itself, but we have to standardize our support and develop OTA gateways and connectors with many PMSs because the market is fractured. This must go through hiring and development. We also want to quickly put a support team in place.

Our target is to reach 100 customers in the second year and 1000 customers within 4 years and be present in Europe, the United States, Asia and the United Arab Emirates where the hotel and tourism sector is booming to landing a future without oil.

We came back enthusiastic from Lisbon and are seriously considering the option of opening office offices at LX Factory. Our first investor is in New York and we are also in full discussion for the creation of a C-Corp in Delaware. We will always keep our attachment to France but will know how to be opportunistic when it comes to our international development.

What are your challenges?

Our different challenges are as follows:

  • Penetrate an atomized and not very homogeneous market and sell a standard solution to customers who are still used to customization.

  • Growing rapidly even as a wave of innovation arrives in the hotel industry. Far from Fintech and other major trends of the moment, the hotel tech market is undergoing a revolution.

  • We meet business angels and fundraising platforms and our ambition is to complete our first fundraising quickly.

  • Find and attract talent for the technical team and aim to quickly put a support team in place.

Founders: Olivier Sivriere and Bahadour Moussa

Creation date : november 2016

Fundraising : 500,000 euros in seed money with a principal investor Guillaume Bich (Bic)

Seat : Paris