[FW Radar] BonjourIngrid references the best promotions on the web daily

by bold-lichterman

Founded in October 2016 by Emeric Caramico and Vincent Spiral, Hello Ingrid allows you to reference the best promotions of the day from e-commerce sites. The start-up has just announced its arrival at Station F.

More details with Emeric Caramico, founder of BonjourIngrid.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Portrait_Emeric_Caramico1Emeric Caramico, founder BonjourIngrid: Every day, the Web reserves its share of opportunities. As e-commerce sites can change their offers from day to day, commercial operations follow one another but it is difficult – if not impossible – to detect the best ones. This is where we come in. Our algorithm analyzes price drops among more than 4 million fashion items several times a day. And to filter out the most essential ones, each week we entrust the selection of the unmissable items to a person passionate about fashion: “Ingrid of the week”. He can act as an Instagrammer, a startrupper, a journalist, …

We thus combine the automated detection of price drops with human recommendation which allows the curation of the best opportunities.

What’s your value proposition?

We are a personal opportunity shopper. The experience that allows you to indicate your clothing sizes, your favorite brands … to personalize the service as much as possible. Internet users can thus discover their daily selection, and partner e-commerce sites can thus distribute their offers without sacrificing their margins.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Made up of 85% women, our community is looking for items from major brands, upscale and luxury, and designer pieces. The prices of these clothes, often quite high, are often a drag. The detection of the price drop and the recommendation of a fashion personality reassure and free the purchase from guilt.

We were thus able to observe that a large part of our users visit the site every day, and consult the newsletters. Among millions of pieces of data, the “competitive advantage” that we offer our users is to have easy access to the most relevant information possible.

What is your development plan?

Coupled with the site, a Facebook ChatBot is being tested, and the iOS and Android mobile application is in the final acceptance phase.

Until now financed by own funds, the project can now enter a fundraising phase. Objective: finance growth.

There is no obstacle to deploying the concept abroad. The question is therefore to know which country we want to start with (we don’t have the answer yet)!

We expect four recruitments by the end of the year: A CMO, a Content Manager, a Lead Developer and a Growth Hacker.

What are your challenges?

The textile e-commerce market is 5.5 billion euros in France. Private sales exceed 10% market share.

We want to become the daily reflex for good deals. For this, it is necessary to continue partnerships with e-commerce sites to expand the catalog, as well as to offer the best possible service to our users.

The fundraising we are already working on represents our next financial challenge.

Who are your competitors?

Our users also use private sales services (such as ShowRoomPrivé and Vente-Privée), and second-hand high-end clothing sales services (such as Vestiaire Collective).

These concepts are rather complementary to ours, moreover we are already partners with some of them.

In the case of private sales, the Internet user must choose the right models from entire collections in the spotlight. We focus on a few dozen carefully chosen items every day.

As for second-hand sales, the products are by definition second-hand.

Founders: Emeric Caramico and Vincent Spiral

Creation date : october 2016

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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