[FW Radar] Azapa finds the nearest craftsman by SMS

by bold-lichterman

Created by Charles Landrot, Romain Laurent and Florian Casanova, Azapa connects an independent craftsman with someone in need. Users simply send a photo of their problem to the number specified on the site. Then, geolocation is used to find a craftsman nearby. The service is available 24/7.

More details with Charles Landrot, CEO and co-founder of Azapa.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

charles-landrotCharles Landrot, CEO and co-founder of Azapa: Azapa.fr is a connection service to find a craftsman. We post a simple explanation, accompanied by a photo of his problem to help find the closest person, at the best price. Everything is done by SMS. The service is free.

What’s your value proposition?

For the customer, a photo of the problem is enough to receive free quotes from the artisans closest to his home, at a fair price and well rated by the community.

For artisans, work where and when you want, claim your know-how on behalf of your company and retain new customers free of charge by receiving qualified requests.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Every year, one in two French people calls on a craftsman for a domestic problem, emergency repairs, work or renovation. Our customers are young, owners or tenants, city dwellers and eager to have the best craftsman at the right price.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are Yellow Page, works.com, 123quote.

What is your development plan?

We have been setting up a website for 6 months. We are currently working on an application which will be released very soon. It will be dedicated exclusively to craftsmen to provide them with a simple and free work management tool.

To date, we only use word of mouth and social networks for our development, which has allowed us to gradually develop a system that is simpler and without borders, easy to set up in the next cities and countries. Azapa, like “looking for Asap an artisan” is not a French word, but an international one which is pronounced in all languages ​​in the same way.

What are your challenges?

The construction industry weighs close to 120 billion euros in turnover in France. It is a gigantic market and the number one company in France. We wish to prepare the new generations connected to change the principle of research by the photo, and at the same time to help the young apprentice craftsmen graduates to develop their business without hiring them as a service provider but only by doing participatory referencing, and to allow them to work without a geographical border but only by activating their position and their availability.

We take a 10% commission on the final amount of the intervention. When the intervention exceeds 1000 euros we reduce the commission to 8%.

Founders: Charles Landrot, Romain Laurent and Florian Casanova

Creation date : summer 2016

Fundraising : In progress

Seat : Paris

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