[FW Radar] AutoVisual, the data platform for the automotive sector

by bold-lichterman

AutoVisual was created by Antoine Piombino and Laurent Debricon in 2015. The website classifies used vehicle classifieds by detailing, for example, whether the price is above or below the market price.

More details with Guillaume Juhel, marketing and strategy manager of AutoVisual.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Guillaume-JuhelGuillaume Juhel, Marketing and Strategy Manager of AutoVisual: Our solution meets two types of targets: the general public and automotive professionals:

  • Individuals spend a significant amount of time scanning ad sites to purchase a Used Vehicle. And not being experts, they don’t know if they’re going to get a good deal.

  • Professionals are faced with other problems: buying and selling vehicles at the right price and reducing the length of detention. It should be known that on average a vehicle costs 20 euros per day if one counts the depreciation and the cost of the immobilization.

What is your value proposition?

AutoVisual aggregates all European used vehicle ad sites and displays them on a single interface. We promise individuals to find their future car easily and quickly. It is a real tool to help with purchasing because beyond its exhaustiveness the site manages to identify good and bad deals by comparing the prices of vehicles to their market values. With 100 million pieces of data to date, we have also developed services for automotive professionals to help them obtain supplies, maximize their margins and understand how the second-hand market is evolving. Our ambition is to be a European benchmark for automotive Big Data.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our main users are dealers and garages who wish to develop their used vehicles (Used Vehicles) activity as well as major players in the automotive distribution who ask us for studies and statistical analyzes in order to fully understand their market.

What is your development plan?

Here is our development plan:

  • On the product / service level: Enrich our tools and push the statistical analysis of our data as far as possible in order to provide a wide range of values.
  • Business growth: Equip 50% of small used-vehicle dealers in 2 years and become the essential vehicle search site for the general public.
  • Internationalization: Be present in all European countries and the main African countries within 1 year.

What are your challenges?

Here are our different challenges:

  • Market: Quickly penetrate the market of small dealers and mechanics invested in the sale of used vehicles.
  • Business: Become a benchmark international player in the automotive valuation sector.
  • Financial: We have just raised 1.5 million euros in funds from the Argus Group, which is a long-standing player in the automotive world.
  • HR: Consolidate our team of statisticians and build a sales team

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors range from Excel sheets to players in the automotive sector who, like us, develop versatile tools for small dealers. I think that our main differentiating elements are the quality of the statistical analysis (Autovisual is originally an idea of ​​”stateux” and not of auto aficionados) and a form of ethics: we provide tools for help in decision-making and do not hesitate to accompany our data with an index of confidence. If we believe that a value is not very relevant or statistically insignificant and therefore deserves to be dug, we say so. Unfortunately, this is a rule that our competitors do not observe. And it is undoubtedly this analytical rigor, on which the Argus is also based, that has led the French leader in automotive valuation to take an interest in us.

Founders: Antoine Piombino and Laurent Debricon

Creation date : 2015

Fundraising: A first fundraising of a few hundred thousand euros in 2015 then a second of 1.5 million euros a few weeks ago, with the Argus Group.

Seat : Paris