[FW Radar] Authôt allows media to better reference their video content

by bold-lichterman

Founded by Olivier Fraysse and Stéphane Rabant, Authôt offers the transcription of videos or audio texts. For example, it allows the media to have subtitled videos and to be better referenced on this content.

More details with Marylène Rever, digital marketing manager of Authôt.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

marylene-reverMarylène Rever, Authôt digital marketing manager: Authôt is the French start-up offering an online transcription and subtitling service based on modern automatic speech recognition technologies. Our service meets several needs:

  • the transcription for post-production (script / rush transcriptions) saves time when editing the final video.

  • video subtitling to meet digital accessibility standards under the law of February 2005. Thanks to subtitles, everyone can have access to content and information, particularly people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

  • the indexing of multimedia content for better natural referencing thanks to the insertion of the text transcribed in the description of the channels (Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion).

What’s your value proposition?

The transcription is the fact of transposing in writing spoken words.

For one hour of audio (or video) transcription, it is necessary to count a manual work of 7 hours. Regarding the subtitling of a video, it is necessary to add to the working time of the transcription the addition of time marks. It’s 10 hour manual work for 1 hour of video. This work is tedious and painful, a user of the Authôt application sees his productivity jump by 50%! We therefore allow costs and times to be halved. In addition, it is available online 24/7.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Today we have more than 250 customers throughout France and Europe. Among them, we find:

  • Major media who want their videos to be transcribed and captioned for better SEO, a presence on social networks and an international vision.

  • Audiovisual productions for the transcription of rushes, interviews or documentaries and who wish to benefit from time codes.

  • Institutions who wish to have the transcript of their conferences, assemblies and to have a meeting or council report.

  • Education which wishes to subtitle and translate MOOCs to respond to the accessibility and international openness of the courses.

Who are your competitors?

We have no direct competitors in France, it is indeed difficult to find a solution that combines automatic transcription and proofreading. Our solution is customizable. In terms of voice recognition we find competitors such as Dragon, Siri etc. Typists and transcriptionists are also indirect competitors.

What is your development plan?

We have several projects in the future, such as the development of a mobile application, the launch of many languages ​​or the live transcription.

Our company now has 14 employees and four offices in France. In 2015, we were only 5 employees!

Our widely proven and acclaimed concept has led us to accelerate our development with the ambition of becoming the European leader in our sector.

What are your challenges?

We have chosen to focus on the Media, audiovisual productions and Education markets.

But nothing is frozen! We have clients in other sectors of activity (medical, large account, video games, legal, community). This follows incoming opportunities on which we remain very attentive.

Our objective is to make all European multimedia content accessible.

By 2020 we will be around 40 people!

Founders: Olivier Fraysse and Stéphane Rabant

Creation date : October 2012

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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