[FW Radar] AssoConnect wants to become essential in the daily life of volunteers

by bold-lichterman

AssoConnect was founded in 2014 by Arnaud de La Taille, Pierre Grateau and Sylvain Fabre. The platform is intended for volunteers of associations in order to enable them to digitize their daily tasks. With AssoConnect, they can find all the functionalities they need on the same software: creation of a website, creation of emails, accounting, member management, etc.

The offer starts at 19 euros. The price increases according to the number of contacts entered in the database. More details with Arnaud de La Taille, co-founder of AssoConnect.

FrenchWeb: What problem solves AssoConnect?

arnaud-de-la-sizeArnaud de La Taille, co-founder of AssoConnect: There are 1.3 million associations in France. I don’t know anyone who joined an association to spend their time on Excel and yet there was no suitable software.

AssoConnect is an online association management platform. An association manager can manage his communication (creation and animation of the site, newsletter, SMS), his members, payments and his accounts. It is a complete and ergonomic tool that facilitates tedious tasks in the life of an association.

What’s your value proposition?

Today the tools are scattered around. With our software, everything is integrated. Take the example of a person making a membership or donation. They will be able to pay online by card, will receive a tax receipt and this action will be taken into account automatically in the CRM and in accounting: no more double entries.

We help associations to professionalize and save precious time. Associations change the world, we take care of the rest.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We equip 1,500 associations and federations of all sizes and in all fields: sport, culture, humanitarianism, worship, professional etc.

Our ideal interlocutor is an association manager or volunteer who is aware of management issues and wishes to take advantage of digital technology.

We are contacted mainly for membership management or accounting needs, but our clients appreciate above all the overall aspect of the solution.

What sets you apart from your competition?

The closest actor is Nation Builder which offers a complete platform (excluding accounting).

Our competitors are then multiple but specialized in a vertical, for example: Wix (websites), Salesforce (CRM), Ciel (accounting) etc.

Our great strengths are the simplicity and interfacing of functionalities, all on a single platform.

What is your development plan?

In terms of services, we want to simplify ergonomics even more. Then, work on the integration of partners: PickAsso, Box and Trello in the short term.

Nearly 100 new associations subscribe each month and the pace is accelerating. The goal is to quickly get to 200.

Internationalization is underway. We work with French-speaking associations in Europe (Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium) and in Africa (Morocco for example). This is only the beginning, 2017 will be an important year in this regard.

What are your challenges?

Not to disperse ourselves, accelerate in France and start developing other French-speaking areas thanks to driving associations. As the product is stable and efficient, the challenge today is mainly growth.

We are 100% self-funded and in balance. We are thinking about ways to speed up. We are going to recruit at a sustained rate (notice to those concerned), we must keep our culture and our values!

Founders: Arnaud de La Taille, Pierre Grateau and Sylvain Fabre

Creation date : 2014

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

Capital: 12,000 euros

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