[FW Radar] Appvizer finds the best software for businesses thanks to data

by bold-lichterman

Founded in May 2015 by Colin Lalouette and Fabien Paupier, Appvizer is a platform that uses machine learning and big data to find the best software for businesses.

More details with Colin Lalouette, co-founder of Appvizer.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Colin-LalouetteColin Lalouette, Appvizer co-founder: The Appvizer project is based on the desire to provide the greatest number of companies with access to the best software adapted to their needs. We have indeed observed that access to information is very difficult for companies which have few resources in terms of time and money to devote to optimizing their performance. We allow, thanks to its comparator, to divide by 150 the time of research of the companies for a software. This gives entrepreneurs and employees more time to focus on what really matters: their core business.

What’s your value proposition?

Thanks to a coupling of Machine Learning and Big Data technologies, we are constantly refining the user experience according to the profile to offer the most appropriate results. For software companies, we provide anonymized data on their market and return quality traffic to their site, which allows them to generate leads. With our multi-local platforms (France, United Kingdom, United States and Spain), we are able to respond very finely to the needs of various businesses.

Who are the users of your solutions?

All types of companies use our solution (from start-ups to large groups including SMEs). They are looking for reliable and fast information, and are convinced of the value of SaaS. Anything that is not “core business” can be better managed to optimize time and resources. In order to raise awareness of sometimes unrecognized business software and to provide information on how to use it optimally, we also produce an online magazine (one to two articles per day). On the other hand, we offer software publishers a precise vision of their market, helping them to improve their offer.

What is your development plan?

We are accelerating our development on the European market with the comparators appvizer.co.uk, appvizer.es., And appvizer.com in addition to the comparator appvizer.fr on the French-speaking market. We are therefore going to strengthen our international development with the recruitment of three additional sales representatives within six months. We will also increase the monetization of the site tenfold with the implementation of new advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines.

What are your challenges?

Our ambition is to become the world leader in supply and demand analysis on the SaaS market. The next Big Data modules that we are developing will provide our customers, software editors, with detailed statistical analyzes on their performance according to the types of user profile. The software industry is completely lacking in sources of statistically reliable information on market demand and we will be providing the solution very soon.

Who are your competitors?

There are many software directories out there but they do not offer services to their users or help them improve their knowledge and target their software needs. We are a software comparator, a catalog and a magazine at the same time. The large software consulting firms are also present in our market but in a more globalizing approach, very focused on large accounts, and less refined than ours (refinement according to need, type of structure, country, etc.).

Founders: Colin Lalouette and Fabien Paupier

Creation date : May 2015

Fundraising : 700,000 euros in 2016

Seat : Paris

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