[FW Radar] API-AGRO, the platform for sharing, disseminating data & services of the agricultural ecosystem

by bold-lichterman

API-AGRO is a collective approach initiated as part of a research project funded by the Ministry of Agriculture. API-AGRO is a platform for sharing and disseminating data and services for the entire agricultural ecosystem.

FrenchWeb: what need does your service meet?

The API-AGRO portal offers a unified means of access to various resources (datasets, calculation functions, decision support tool), while managing their visibility and accessibility (public, restricted, private). The platform makes it possible to request all resources through web API technology, facilitating the interconnection of resources and their reuse while guaranteeing users a high level of security and traceability.

What is your value proposition?

SAS API-AGRO supports organizations to enhance data by interconnecting them. In particular, it is aimed at companies specializing in digital and traceability, data providers, economic companies and professional organizations in the animal and plant, health, genetic, etc. sectors.

The API-AGRO portal and its partners expose a set of data from multiple sources using web API technology. These data gradually become qualified information, knowledge and make it possible to evolve towards services to the whole agricultural world and to farmers.

FW Radar API AGRO the platform for sharing disseminating data

Who are the users of your solutions?

Many applications are emerging thanks to the simplified and secure access and cross-referencing of data and offer new services to farmers.

Three examples of services already deployed:

  • a weekly mapping of the agro-climatic situation of cereals obtained in
    crossing meteorological and agronomic data (soil, seedlings, etc.);
  • monitoring of crop pests in relation to agricultural practices crossing the
    epidemiological surveillance data, interventions and records of practices;
  • A tool for optimizing the management of a bovine herd by crossing data from a farm according to economic, environmental and social criteria

What is your development plan?

Our development plan:

  • strengthen leadership at the national level and increase tenfold the number of datasets and APIs disseminated on the platform;
  • broaden the governance and scope of the platform to all agricultural stakeholders in order to benefit from broad expertise;
  • finance national development in order to prepare for European deployment.

Who are your competitors?

Today API-AGRO is part of a process of openness and collective sharing where other initiatives tend to compartmentalize and privatize access to data.

Who is the entrepreneur who inspires you?

Muhammad Yunus which shows that together we can make things happen and make things happen.

The 5 applications that are essential to you and why?

  • Twitter for daily monitoring and sharing
  • Slack to keep in daily contact with teams
  • Maps for all routes!
  • MeetUp to meet new people and continue to discover new technologies
  • Yuka to check the nutritional quality of industrial products

The 5 tech events you absolutely must attend and why?

  • API Days: APIs are at the heart of our business and it is for us a major event which we must be present to stay at the forefront of innovation in this sector
  • The API-AGRO Hackathon because this is where new agricultural uses are born;)

A start-up for us to discover?

About twenty start-ups rather with the association La Ferme Digitale!

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