[FW Radar] AiZimov, artificial intelligence at the service of prospective emails

by bold-lichterman

AiZimov was launched by Jérôme Devosse and Christophe Murgue in April 2017. The tool uses artificial intelligence to write and send forward-looking emails.

More details with Jérôme Devosse, co-founder of AiZimov.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

FW Radar AiZimov artificial intelligence at the service of prospectiveJérôme Devosse, co-founder of AiZimov: 82% of the global population opens commercial emails, with an average ROI close to 2,500%. Very promising figures. However, we observe a massification of poor quality commercial messages, degrading the expected returns on investment. The search for efficiency at all costs has led to an impoverishment of the commercial relationship.

The mass of information made public by social networks and press releases (to name a few) should allow everyone to write relevant messages to their various interlocutors. All the more relevant as the search for a personalized experience and attention has never been so strong. This is the solution offered by AiZimov.

What is your value proposition?

AiZimov helps deliver the right messages, to the right people, at the right times, and in the right form.

Our tool is based on Artificial Intelligence to automate prospecting. It is an assistant who writes for you the best prospective emails there is and processes the responses so that you can focus on the essential: winning new projects!

In short, we help companies spot new opportunities, optimize prospecting time and protect reputation by matching the quality of outgoing messages.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our first clients are the sales representatives of large groups. They face several issues. The first is a limited time and an ever increasing number of contacts to prospect. At one of the GAFAs we met for example, a sales manager can have more than 200 accounts. It is naturally impossible to manage so many accounts and enormous energy is wasted in this disparity.

Another return is the difficulty for a salesperson to be constant in his prospecting activity. The first months, the energy is at its maximum but very quickly the passion is exhausted and the quality is transformed into quantity: write a maximum of messages in a minimum of time.

What is your development plan?

The solution was first thought for prospecting. The next axes will be to expand the email generation scenarios to assist other populations such as recruiters, public relations, former clients….

What are your challenges?

When you are a new player, the first fairly classic issue is awareness: how to make yourself known and create a strong imprint in the minds of our prospects? This is why being selected to exhibit at the Web Summit in Lisbon is very important to us. Our solution is ready and the team is eager to meet new people.

The second issue is popularization and evangelization. We hear a lot of things about artificial intelligence, it’s a buzzword right now. It’s up to us to explain to you simply its pivotal role in our solution and to tell our proposal in a simple, appropriate and inspiring way for the greatest number.

The third issue is the responsiveness of the market. For a start-up, the worst enemy is time!

Who are your competitors?

Today there are many emailing tools, offered by big players like Mailchimp and Hubspot, or smaller ones like Batananas and Saleswhales. These tools are based on 3 founding principles: the user himself writes his emails (and his templates); a single message must be pre-configured before the campaign; the engagement ends once the campaign is completed (except to manually create a new campaign).

The approach of our tool is completely different: it has the power to carry out prospecting by email, even better than the salesperson. It is a new generation of tool which is not there only to help but to do in place of man.

Key data:

  • Founders: Jérôme Devosse and Christophe Murgue
  • Creation date : april 2017
  • Fundraising : no
  • Seat : Paris