[FW Invest] With 315 million euros raised in September, French start-ups are attacking with fanfare

by bold-lichterman

Return with fanfare for investments in tech start-ups. With 84 fundraisers announced, for a total of more than 315 million euros, the month of September surpasses the other months of the year, both in value (number of investments) and in volume (amounts invested) , depending on the indicator Frenchweb Invest. While there were 28 more transactions announced this month, compared to the same period in 2015, the overall budget is down slightly over one year (-6%), for the first time this year.

Another observation is that if there was no corporate investment identified in September 2015, there are 18 a year later. This therefore confirms a trend that has been emerging since the start of the year, that of growing interest from companies to invest in start-up capital. It is software publishers (like Alkemics) and online services (like Molotov or Yescapa) that interest these corporate investors the most (5 investments listed in each of these sectors this month).

2 FinTech in the Top 10 fundraising

With 9 operations exceeding 10 million euros, September was marked by announcements of significant fundraising. We will thus retain the 22.5 million euros raised by Zenly, from Benchmark Capital, Insight Ventures, but also Xavier Niel and IdInvest, or the 21 million euros raised by Blablacar from a Russian fund (Baring Vostok).

The treasury software publisher Kyriba has meanwhile raised 23 million dollars (20.5 million euros) from Daher Capital, HSBC, as well as BPI France. Another Fintech in the Top 10 fundraising this month: Afrimarket, which raised 10 million euros from Global Innovation Fund, Proparco, Orange but also from business angels (André Mathiot, Xavier Niel, Jacques-Antoine Granjon).

Almost half of the funds invested in software publishers

Beyond the 30.5 million euros invested cumulatively in Kyriba and Afrimarket, 15 million euros were invested in the FinTech sector, making it the second most attractive sector this month, after the marketing, sales and communication (61.8 million euros). Note, the fundraising of Utocat, a platform allowing financial companies and insurance companies to automate their operations thanks to the blockchain.

Another attractive sector is that of transport, where 33.9 million euros have been invested. Two fundraisers among the 6 operations identified concern carpooling services (Blablacar and Coovia). We will also note the fundraising of Yescapa (3 million euros), a motorhome rental service between individuals, as well as that of Drust, a connected box as well as a mobile application allowing to follow the maintenance of his car (3 million euros also).

The leisure and entertainment sector came third this month, with 26.6 million euros raised. It should be noted that more than half of the funds invested this month were in software publishers (154 million euros).


IdInvest, the most active investor

Finally it’s the fund Id Invest which comes first among the most active investors of the month, with its 4 fundraisers announced. In addition to Zenly, the fund also participated in the fundraising of Ogury, advertising targeting software ($ 15 million raised), that of Sync, a mobile advertising synchronization solution (€ 2 million raised) as well as ‘to that of Klassroom, an application that digitizes the liaison book (300,000 euros raised).

Serena Capital comes in second, with 3 equity investments announced this month: Alkemics, collaboration platform between brands and distributors (20 million euros raised), FinalCad, software publisher in the construction industry (17.8 million euros raised) and TVTY, marketing activation solution (6 million euros raised ).

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