[FW Invest] With 220 million euros raised in Tech, transport and Fintech are the star sectors in October

by bold-lichterman

After an exceptional September, investments made in French tech start-ups fell slightly in October, but remained at levels well above those of 2015, according to the latest indicator Frenchweb Invest.

With 220 million euros raised from 57 operations listed, investments have indeed increased by 41% compared to last year. It should be noted that almost half of the transactions (22 in total) include the participation of a corporate investor, confirming the trend for several months.

The top 3 operations

The corporate is also participating in the biggest fundraising event carried out by Navya, in the amount of 30 million euros. The manufacturer of autonomous electric vehicles from Lyon has thus announced the entry into its capital of the Valéo and Kéolis groups, as well as of the Qatari company Group8.

Another large-scale operation, that carried out by Content Square, which completes a fundraising of 18.3 million euros (20 million dollars) from Highland Capital Europe. Chronocam finally announced a round of funding in the amount of 13.7 million euros, carried out with 360 Capital Partners and other investors such as Intel Capital, iBionest, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH, CEA Investissement, and the Renault group. The start-up was inspired by the functioning of the retina to develop a system of vision sensors.

In terms of the most active investors in October, two French funds stand out: Kima Ventures, which took part in four fundraisers, followed byOtium Capital and its three equity investments announced this month.

The average seed ticket on the rise

Another finding of the indicator Frenchweb Invest, if the majority of operations concern seed money investments (13 fundraising events identified), it is in Series A that the amounts invested are the largest (42.6 million euros).

At 1.8 million euros, the average seed ticket increased by 80% compared to the previous month. In Serie B, the average ticket of 12.3 million euros decreased slightly compared to September.


More than 34 million euros for FinTech

If we consider the most dynamic fields of activity in October, not surprisingly marketing, sales and communication come first, with 51.6 million euros invested in the capital of 9 different companies in the month. In addition to the Content Square fundraising, we will note that of Linkfluence, which raised 12 million euros, or that of Splio (10 million euros).

The transport sector comes in second position, with 35 million euros invested in 3 operations. Navya’s € 30 million fundraising largely explains the sector’s performance. Added to this are the 3 million euros raised by Allocab, and the 2 million euros invested by Hi Inov, SNCF Digital Ventures and InnovAllianz in the capital of LuckyLoc.

Finally, 34.4 million euros were invested in the field of fintech and legal. Alan’s 100% digital complementary health insurance raised 12 million euros. The Bank as a Service Ibanfirst has raised 10 million euros, and Grisbee, which digitalizes wealth management, has announced a fundraising of 3 million euros.

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