[FW 500] What is the level of expertise of SEO agencies in France?

by bold-lichterman

Looking at a number of SEO players in the Frenchweb 500 ranking of tech companies, the question arises of their level of expertise. It is a subject that we rarely broach, that we like to leave for later. Except that “later” is sometimes too late: how many pure players have had to shut down because of bad market practices? Every time Google rolls out a new filter, Penguin here, Panda there, it’s a tidal wave that sweeps away an armful of ill-prepared actors as easily as a sandcastle. Badly prepared… or badly advised?

A market governed by the laws of natural selection

The web market is governed by the laws of natural selection: anyone who cannot adapt is doomed to disappear. With the evolution of search engines, SEO agencies have been forced to acclimatize. Some are up to date; others have vanished into oblivion, overwhelmed by the discontent of customers who had suffered the wrath of Judge Google. Bad practices, on the other hand, became sparse at the same time as agencies became more expert.

However, it is not uncommon to still see so-called SEO virtuosos offering their clients unethical strategies. Stuffing of links in directories, content spinning… Techniques of this kind abound. They allow you to rise very high, then the fall is all the harder.

Little mature companies on the question of SEO

Should we blame SEO agencies? We are working in a field where competition is tough, and survival expensive. On the other hand, companies are struggling to become aware of the real issues, and are reluctant to provide significant budgets for their natural referencing strategy.

An agency that accepts a low cost contract for a poor quality offer is also an agency that fears losing a client. Client who, for his part, thinks that he can afford a mediocre service, as long as it gives results; and too bad if these are only short term. Could it not be the lack of maturity of French companies on SEO issues that is pulling the quality of services down?

On the one hand, the Google train continues its path, raising its standards, and pushing SEO agencies to make all the more efforts to stay up to it. On the other hand, the companies remain at the quayside, thinking that they will always have time to set off to join the convoy. They still have in mind the fable of the hare and the tortoise, in which they take themselves for the second. And so don’t deploy the necessary resources for agencies to pull them forward.

There is a glaring mismatch between supply and demand. Because the level of French SEO agencies is clearly one of the highest in the world. Our geek culture, our community always on the lookout for news, and the expertise of our freelance consultants have a lot to do with it. By relying on these qualities, our agencies work miracles. Too bad too many companies continue to look elsewhere.

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