[FW 500] Pascal Chevalier (Reworld Media): “Media groups lack ambitions”

by bold-lichterman

In 31st place in the Frenchweb 500, the ranking of French tech companies, Reworld Media is one of the unexpected events of this first edition. In its sector, it is thus the second media group to climb into the Top 50, behind Webedia (13th). Since its creation in 2012, it has never ceased to buy media brands to project them into the digital age and offer new islands of audiences. Today, the press group is at the head of the brands Marie-France (acquired from the Marie-Claire group), Be, TV Magazine (acquired from Axel Springer) and eight shares bought back in 2014 from the Lagardère Active group, which it also puts on a dry basis.

And when a former engineer trained at EPITA, such as Pascal Chevalier co-founds a press group, it is first in technology, and not in content, that he sees sustainability. After the Netbooster adventure, Pascal Chevalier, a fan of “click performance”, seeks to build a media empire.

At the start of 2016, to boost advertising sales, the group is also finalizing the total purchase of the Tradedoubler affiliate network. With such external growth for three years, Reworld Media now has 700 employees, for a turnover of 60.2 million euros in 2015 for a net profit of 3.6 million euros. “80% of our turnover comes from digital and 50% outside France”, explains the entrepreneur. The group is now profitable, compared with a net loss of 5.1 million euros in 2014, according to the latest published figures.

“We need models of rupture”, asserts Pascal Chevalier, as a nod to traditional media. What is his advice to the historical media? The group also intends to take the gamble of new distribution networks to generate advertising revenue.

SEE: Interview with Pascal Chevalier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Reworld Media. He will intervene at the next Frenchweb Day Media on April 14.

Leader: Pascal Chevalier

2015 turnover: 60 million euros

Seat: Boulogne-Billancourt